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UK Committee Seeks To Remove Violent Content From The Internet

It’s pretty obvious by now that the Internet can be a nasty place. Is it nasty enough to warrant censorship though? That’s what the Home Affairs Committee suggested yesterday in their report titled, “The Roots of Violent Radicalisation.” The report comes from a study that began in May 2011 that found the Internet is the best vehicle to spread violence …

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UK Crematorium Broadcasting Funerals Online

Have you ever wanted to watch a funeral from the comfort of you own home? A crematorium in the UK is now making that possible. The Mirror is reporting that Burnley Crematorium is spending £25,000 to add the ability for them to broadcast funerals live over the Internet. They will also be installing a big screen and state-of-the-art music system …

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UK Man Jailed For Inciting Riot Via Blackberry

21 year old Sam Lowe plead guilty to charges of inciting violent disorder and has been jailed for 3.3 years by a UK court. Apparently, Lowe sent messages to 160 people last year as they gathered in Nottingham city centre in August. He was prompting them to commit acts of violence with the messages. Detective Rich Henson from the Nottinghamshire …

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Censoring Tweets Effects More Than Just Oppressive Regimes

You may have thought that Twitter’s new privacy policy would only be effecting oppressive regimes like Thailand, but now the UK may be using the policy to protect those who can afford it. UK law states that any high profile figure that is involved in a case can be blocked from mention in the media, legally. This law also includes …

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MegaUpload: Pirate Party Registering Complaints Against U.S.

MegaUpload, center of a recent sting operation from the FBI and DoJ, hosted a lot of copyrighted files. People may forget that it was also a legitimate business as well that hosted documents for businesses and personal use. With the recent shut down of MegaUpload, many users are lost as to whether or not they will be able to recover …

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Netflix Now Available in the UK, Ireland

After announcing the expansion last October, Netflix has finally pulled the trigger and launched its service in the U.K. and Ireland today. According to a blog post, the service will work just like the North American service – a once-a-month subscription fee. As would be expected, new users are being offered a one-month free trial, and after that it will …

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