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Gap Widens Between Transactional and Content Site Visits

Interesting data from Hitwise indicates that content-driven websites get a whole lot more traffic than transactional-based ones. To put a number on it, that would be 73% more.

Robin Goad of Hitwise shares the following graph comparing sites in the Shopping and Classifieds, Business and Finance, Travel, Entertainment, Computes and Internet -Social networking and Forums, News and Media, and Lifestyle categories. This is in the UK, mind you.

The Relationship Between Teens And Music

A new UK Music research study highlights the complexity of consuming, copying and sharing of music between 14-24 year-olds.

FTC Stops U.S. Online Retailer From Posing As A UK-Based Site

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on a California based online electronics retailer for allegedly posing as it was based in the U.K. so it could deceive residents there into thinking they had stronger consumer protections.

When U.K. consumers received the cameras, video games and other electronic items, they discovered they had been charged unexpected import duties, were left with invalid warranties, and would be charged hefty cancellation and refund fees if they tried to send the items back.

Online Gamblers Search For Safer Sites
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A survey of online poker players, following the seizure of gambling funds by the U.S. government has found more than half are not aware their money could be at risk.

The research by the U.K. based online gambling community Betfair, found more than three quarters of poker players have searched for what they consider to be safer sites.

Music Fans Favor CDs Over Downloads
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Most UK music fans are still content buying a CD rather than downloading songs, according to research by The Leading Question and Music Ally.

Despite data indicating digital music will soon make CDs obsolete, the report found 73 percent of music fans are still happy buying CDs over downloading tracks. Interestingly 66 percent of 14-18 year olds favor CDs over downloads and 59 percent of all music fans still listen to CDs everyday.

Illegal File Sharing In The UK Declines
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Illegal file sharing in the UK has declined, most notably among teens, according to media and technology research firm The Leading Question.

The last national survey taken in December 2007, found 22 percent of teens regularly filed shared music tracks, but in January 2009 this was down to 17 percent, a comparative drop of nearly a quarter.

The biggest drop in those regularly file sharing occurred among 14-18 year olds. In 2007 42 percent of 14- 18 year olds were sharing files at least once a month. In January 2009 this was down to just 26 percent.

Hitwise: Most Twitter Users Move On To Media Sites
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Business-related Twitter success stories exist – there’s the tale of Dell bringing in about $3 million in sales, for example.  But it seems that such stories may remain rare, as new Hitwise data suggests that Twitter users are much more interested in free online media than in spending money.

UK Hacker Fights US Extradition

A British computer hacker wanted by the United States for "the biggest military hack of all time" begins a final fight today to avoid extradition.

Lawyers for Gary McKinnon, will argue in London’s High Court today that he is too ill to be sent to the United States for trial because he has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism.

eBay Collects Another Win Against L’Oreal
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eBay is on a legal roll.  A little more than one week ago, a French court ruled that the auction company is not responsible for the sale of counterfeit L’Oreal products through its site.  Today, a UK court came to about the same conclusion. 

British Rail Operator Tweets Delays
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In what appears to be a first for a British rail transport operator, Twitter is being used to disseminate information to travelers concerning delays and changes to train operations.

Kentucky Basketball is Twitterific
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When someone says the name University of Kentucky basketball, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 7 National Championships, all time winningest program , tradition, Adolph Rupp, Twitter… wait, did I just say Twitter?

That’s right, these days it almost seems like whenever people talk about UK, the famed micro-blogging site is involved somehow.

Reports: Hulu, YouTube Set To Make Headway In The UK

If Hulu and YouTube have their way, it may not be long before UK citizens are spending a whole lot more time in front of their computer screens.  One fresh report says Hulu will possibly launch in the UK this September, while another claims YouTube is close to sealing some deals over full-length UK TV shows. 

UK Consumers Fear Online Shopping
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Almost one in three Internet users are not shopping online in the UK due to lack of trust, according to a new report from the Office of Fair Trading.

John Fingleton

Of these Internet users, 30 percent identified a lack of trust as the main reason for holding them back, while 20 percent cited fears over personal security and 15 percent said they did not trust companies that sell online.

UK Report: Top 10 Brands Account For 45% Of Web Time
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The ten most heavily used Web brands in the UK have it pretty good.  Insanely good, as a matter of fact.  A new report from Nielsen Online indicates that these ten brands (which were looked at along with 7,625 others) account for 45 percent of all UK Internet time.

Mobile Advertising Booming in Britain

Despite being a nascent industry in tough economic times, mobile advertising in the UK is growing at a faster rate than previously expected.

The IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers research demonstrates that mobile advertising has experienced an impressive and steady growth in the UK in an overall declining market. In 2008, as more brands trialed and embraced the medium, spending increased by a whopping 99.2% to $44 million. 

Hulu Starts Offering More International Content
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After a long period of focusing on American content, it looks like Hulu’s going global.  One fresh deal has netted the site shows from the UK, while another partnership will result in the sharing of Bollywood films.  Plus, movement in the opposite direction – Hulu allowing access overseas – is being discussed.

UK Email Ad Campaign Banned
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An email ad campaign promoting the British film "Shifty" has been banned by a UK advertising watchdog for being "irresponsible."

UK Gvmt May Take Cues From Wikipedia, Google, MSFT

Parts of the UK government may start to take after some ultra-popular websites and online services if David Cameron has his way.  Cameron, the leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, directed nods toward Wikipedia, Google, and Microsoft in a recent speech.

eBay Warned About Misleading Ad
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A British advertising watchdog has told eBay to stop claiming it offers brand new items for 25 percent less than retail stores.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said Wednesday, that eBay’s posters claim a 25 percent discount was misleading because it did no provide enough details of how the comparison pricing was conducted.

eBay hired a third party company to compare prices on certain items sold on its site and at major British retailers Debhenhams and John Lewis.

Paid Search Down, Social Media Up in the UK
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Research from Hitwise indicates that online retailers in the UK are seeing less traffic from paid search efforts and more from social networks. Paid search traffic has fallen over the last year – the percentage of all UK Internet visits to online retailers dropped from 10.1% in March ’08 to 8.9% in March ’09 according to Hitwise’s Robin Goad.

Ask Brings Back Jeeves
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The search engine formerly known as Ask Jeeves, which has more recently gone by Ask.com has decided to bring the beloved butler back, at least in the UK (though his look is slightly updated). The company says that it knows from research that customers "love Jeeves and strongly associate him with providing answers. "

If you ask Jeeeves why he’s back, he’ll tell you:

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