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Here’s How to Delete That U2 Album from Your iTunes Here’s How to Delete That U2 Album from Your iTunes

Reviews of legendary band U2′s 13th studio album Songs of Innocence have been mixed, but the response by many iTunes users who were gifted a free copy last week has been anything but. If you’re one of the growing chorus …

Idina Menzel And Other Oscar Song Nominees Prepare For Hollywood’s Biggest Night

Coming into the Oscar ceremony with not only a favorite to win an Oscar, but one of the most popular songs around, Idina Menzel performed her hit song “Let It Go” for a rehearsal show last night. In addition to …

Jimmy Fallon’s Debut On The Tonight Show Goes Over Well, Joined By Several Guests

There has been plenty of talk and controversy about Jay Leno leaving, and Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show, and last night, it finally happened. Fallon made his debut with a couple of big scheduled guests, and many more …

Fallon Shares Excitement About ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon is pretty excited for his debut on The Tonight Show. And maybe a little nervous, too… “I’m freaking out right now,” the talk show host said when he called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest. The two …

‘Invisible’ Now Available For Free Download

The Super Bowl is known for it’s entertaining commercials. While this specific ad isn’t for the latest stye of beer bottle or headphones, this ad does offer something many of the other commercials don’t. The commercial starts with a close-up …

Emily Greenberg Buffett Marries; Bono Sings

Emily Greenbery Buffett, Warren Buffett’s granddaughter, was married on Friday evening in Omaha Nebraska. The wedding was held at Lauritzen Garden, according to Omaha.com. Almost 300 people were in attendance for the ceremony and Warren as well as his three …

Adam Clayton: U2 Bassist Has $4 Million Stolen by Personal Assistant
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Adam Clayton, bassist for the rock band U2, was astonished to learn that his personal assistant, Carol Hawkins, had stolen nearly $4 million from his bank account over a four year period, $600,000 of which went to the purchase of …

Last.fm Squashes Rumors Of Handing Data to RIAA

Richard JonesThere is a rumor going around that Last.fm has given the RIAA data about its users following the leak of a new U2 album. According to Richard Jones of Last.fm, this rumor is completely false.

U2 Manager: Pay Up, Google
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Paul McGuinness wants pretty much every company to toss some coin back to musicians, and sees pursuing individual file sharers as less important than the ISPs and other services that need to be pursued.

U2 Puts New Song On Facebook
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U2 may or may not support Facebook more than MySpace, Bebo, and all the other social networks out there.  But it apparently has ties to the creators of a Facebook app called iLike, and the famous band has, in any event, made a previously unreleased song available on Mark Zuckerberg’s site.

AOL Throws Cincinnati A Curve

The 2007 baseball season is opening with a surprising match up: the Cincinnati Reds versus AOL. The Major League Baseball club filed opposition to AOL’s application for trademark of "RED," the name of AOL’s social network for teens.