Typosquatting Articles

Twitter, Wikipedia ‘Squatter’ Sites Fined For Posing As Twitter, Wikipedia
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Typos happen. They’re inescapable if you use a computer. This is why keyboards come with a Delete key. Given then that typos are expected, it was inevitable that someone out in the internet would find a way to profit from …

Google’s Annual Rev. From Typosquatting Put At $497m
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Most people regard typos as nuisances, just inconsequential mistakes that cause them to lose a second of time hitting the backspace key.  But for Google, typos may equal big business, as Benjamin Edelman and Tyler Moore have estimated that they make the search giant $497 million per year.

Harvard Professor Claims Google Conversions Inflated
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Benjamin Edelman,  assistant professor at Harvard Business School, claims Google and partners are inflating PPC conversion rates and increasing advertiser cost via four specific channels, including Google’s own Chrome browser.

Google makes money by charging advertisers every time a user clicks on a Google advertisement, but in the instances described and documented by Edelman, he makes it appear Google and partners are colluding to intercept traffic to websites that would be navigated directly (and for free) rather than by searching.

Google Hit With Typosquatting Class Action
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Harvard Business School professor Benjamin Edelman believes Google is profiting from and encouraging typosquatting by placing ads on trademark infringing made-for-AdSense websites. As co-counsel in a class action suit, Edelman suggests Google could be making money from a million domains or more.

Big Numbers Named In Dell Typosquatting Suit
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If you make less than $2 million per month, and can deal with doing something that is illegal and perhaps "morally annoying," have we got a career for you: typosquatter.  As a development in a Dell lawsuit shows, it’s an extremely profitable position.

Potential Typosquatting Lawsuits for Advertisers
Avi Wilensky, a friend of mine, recently got a cease and desist letter from Realogy Corporation because his Google broad match ads for Mark David NY ended up on a dirty Google syndication partner site.

Golf Club Company Takes A Swing At Google
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Four major domainer firms are being sued for filling (otherwise unused) sites with ads.  One other corporation – Google – has also been named in the class action complaint; Google provided the ads.

Microsoft’s Cybersquatter Shootout

Microsoft swaggered out of Redmond today with steely eyes and leathery skin, heeled with a pair of six shooters aimed at cybersquatters – four of them Microsoft knows by name, and 217 of them it doesn’t. In the saddlebag, software for anybody else with the guts to chase these dogs down.