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ADHD Study: Could Tylenol Cause ADHD?

Tylenol, the most popular over the counter pain medication, is in the headlines again. The last time the product was questioned was in June 2012 when it was rapidly pulled from shelves during a recall. That recall was due to leached pesticides, particles of wood and metal, infectious bacteria, and lets not forget that strange moldy and musty scent. To …

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ADHD Symptoms Linked To Mother’s Tylenol Usage

A new study shows that mothers who used Tylenol on a regular basis while pregnant are more likely to have children with ADHD symptoms. Many doctors give their pregnant patients a list of medicines that are safe to take for small health issues such as headaches, fever and aches and pains, and Tylenol is always listed as one of these …

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Is Acetaminophen, AKA Tylenol, Causing Asthma Rise?

On Monday, The Daily Mail reported that children who were given liquid Paracetamol for pain relief, in the form of a drink such as Calpol, just once a month were five times as likely to develop asthma as children not given paracetamol. For those of us who live in America, Paracetamol is just another name for Acetaminophen. Also known as …

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Tylenol Warnings Serve as Grave Reminder

Very soon the Tylenol products that we know as the safest pain reliever available and use without fear for every little ache will carry bright red warning labels on the lid. These warnings are a product of numerous lawsuits and pressure by the federal government.The warnings will start in October on Extra Strength Tylenol and become widespread on other Tylenol …

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Acetaminophen Warning: FDA Adds Additional Concerns

The FDA has announced a new warning Thursday for the manufacturers of acetaminophen, Tylenol, and similar medications. The official FDA consumer update warns consumers of the dangers of rare skin diseases associated with acetaminophen use, the symptoms of which include “rash, blisters and, in the worst case, widespread damage to the surface of skin.” The link was discovered using the …

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