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Twitter Changes Its Font, Makes Other Updates Twitter Changes Its Font, Makes Other Updates

Twitter has just announced a few changes to twitter.com, most notably a revert back to its old font after a brief stint trying out a new one. At the end of May, Twitter quietly changed the font on Twitter.com from …

Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails

Don’t have time to waste time on Twitter? Now you can keep up with all of the people you follow with a “best-of” weekly email from Twitter. The micro-blogging service will now be sending out weekly email digests that will …

Twitter’s New Log-out Page Promotes Mobile Apps Twitter’s New Log-out Page Promotes Mobile Apps
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Wednesday, Twitter launched a brand new homepage for users before they log-in. The emphasis on the new homepage is to “follow your interests,” as Twitter wants to engage new users to be frequent, active users.  Twitter has now updated their …

Twitter.com Users Get New Hovercards Feature
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Twitter has introduced a new feature for Twitter.com called Hovercards. These are simply little windows that pop up when you hover over any name on your timeline.

It’s important to note that a lot of people use Twitter through different applications and never even see Twitter’s actual site. It is nice to see that Twitter recognizes that people do still use Twitter.com.

Hovercards display information like name, profile pic, location, whether or not you follow them, verified user info, etc.

The Use Of Twitter By The Teen Demographic

Yeah, yeah, yeah—I’m sure we can all name some anecdotal evidence of teens who either hate Twitter or who can’t get off it. But by and large, according to a new Nielsen report, teens just aren’t on Twitter.

Or are they? The chart from the report looks at users on Twitter.com (as opposed to on phones or desktop clients):