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Twilight Is Back, and Coming to a … Facebook Near You Twilight Is Back, and Coming to a … Facebook Near You

Twilight isn’t dead, y’all. Like its sparkly subject matter, the series lives eternal – and will be coming to a Facebook news feed near you. Lionsgate has partnered with Facebook, the non-profit Women In Film, and crowdsourcing platform Tongal to …

Twitter Fun: Kurt Cobain Or Justin Bieber

To most music aficionados, this isn’t much of a question. Cobain wins by landslide. Of course, there aren’t a great many music aficionados on Twitter, or at least, they aren’t as outspoken as the Bielibers are. Take, for instance, the …

Tween Girls are Smitten with Online Gaming
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Once upon a time, when the world was ruled by arcades, Atari 2600s, and the adventures of something called Zork, the world of video games was pretty much a boy’s club. Whenever a potential girlfriend discovered that I spent a …

Tweens Prefer iTunes To P2P

We’re not sure we believe it, but a new study by the NPD Group claims that purchasing music from Apple’s iTunes Store is more popular with tweens (kids 9-to 14) than "illegally"  downloading music. The report says 70% of tweens now use legal services with iTunes grabbing 49%, Limewire still commands 26% and MySpace is used by 16%.

Tweens Mobile Usage

When it comes to mobile media 35 percent of tweens own a mobile phone according to a study from Nielsen, "Kids on the Go: Mobile Usage by U.S. Teens and Tweens."

Sears Launches Shopping Site For Tweens

Sears has launched a virtual shopping site that is aimed at tweens.

Teens Lead On Tech, Tweens Follow

Teenagers 17 and older are leaders when it comes to adopting new technology and are twice as likely to be early users of some key new technologies as younger teens according to a JupiterResearch report "Teens and New Technology: Understanding the Adoption Cycle".