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MADE: A Fully Functional Sentry Turret from Portal

TARGET ACQUIRED. DISPENSING PRODUCT. Are you still there? Good, because I want to show you what’s going to be the envy of every gaming room and hip office across the world. Not much to see here – just a fully functioning replica turret from Portal, commissioned by Valve and produced by award-winning design and manufacturing studio WETA Workshop. “On September …

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“I’m Different” – Official Portal Turret Replicas Up For Sale

It has been well over a year since Portal 2 was released, and in that time enthusiasm for the game doesn’t seem to have died down. Just this year Portal fans have been laser-etching stainless steel and creating fan videos about the series. Now that Valve has released the “Perpetual Testing Initiative” DLC, a burgeoning community will keep churning out …

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Guy Builds Functional Portal Turret in Robotics Class

Youtube user kss5095 built a real working model of the turrets from Portal in his Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University. The turret actually tracks a person moving across a room and shoots foam bullets. Sorry, no real guns are mounted on the device. Although the device comes equipped with a laser, it actually uses a webcam to see …

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