Truveo Launches Video Search App On Facebook

Truveo Launches Video Search App On Facebook

By Mike Sachoff June 10, 2010

AOL’s video search engine Truveo has launched a new discovery application on Facebook.

The new Truveo Facebook app allows users to search a database of videos and channels directly within the social network as well as share videos with others. The app also allows users to find content via a friend’s recommendations based on their interests.

Truveo Unlocks Sports Videos From SI Vault

Sports Illustrated opened its vast repository of content to the Internet through its new Vault website, and tapped Truveo for its video search service.

Watch The Vote: Truveo Adds Campaign Videos

Video search site Truveo opened a new page, featuring Presidential candidate campaign videos from the official sites as well as unofficial ones created by supporters.

Truveo Launches Election Video Site

Video search engine Truveo has launched a presidential video election page focused on the 2008 race.

The site features election related videos from television networks, user generated video sites and the campaigns themselves. The site includes pages of the candidates in the Democratic and Republican primary races. Candidates featured include Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama on the Democratic side and Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Mitt Romney on the Republican side.

Truveo Aims For A Billion Indexed Videos

The video search site has 100 million videos in its index, a number they would like to increase tenfold by next year.

Crank Dat! Truveo Searches Year’s Top Videos

Soulja Boy, Tony Soprano, and Miss South Carolina all rated tops among the topics people sought out through Truveo’s video search.

Truveo Brings Video To CBS Radio

Media continues to mesh into an amalgam of all kinds of content, the latest example coming in the form of a deal between AOL’s Truveo video search and CBS Radio.

Truveo Taps Kewego For European Video

Truveo, owned by AOL, has expanded its reach into international video content by sealing a deal with Kewego to index videos from major European producers.

Truveo, Kosmix Hook Up Over Video

AOL picked up a partnership with a search site that isn’t named Google, as their Truveo video search adds to Kosmix results for health, auto, and travel queries.

Truveo Finds Its Video Destination
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Until today, AOL’s December 2005 acquisition of video search startup Truveo has been a white-label technology behind the video capabilities of many of the Web’s biggest sites. With its relaunch as a destination portal, Truveo became the top contender for best video search site in the world.

Killer Video Search Engine (ClipBlast)

I’ve been looking for a great video search engine that includes all the videos that I’ve done. I’ve been to Dabble, Blinkx, YouTube, MeeVee, Truveo, and others. None have all my videos with the latest videos represented.

Truveo Hits (Almost) 40 Million Visitors

If, as Compete suggests, 20 million visitors is the "magical mark" indicating a website has officially arrived as a dominant force – most recent additions to this exclusive club include Digg.com and Facebook – then the folks behind AOL’s Truveo video search engine must have exchanged their old wands for Super Deluxe models.

Truveo Grabs Video Traffic, Partners

Tim Tuttle and his Truveo video search site, now part of AOL, have been making a lot of deals while boosting their monthly unique audience.

Truveo Shows Video Search Upgrades

SingingFish Hooked To AOL Video
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Redirection abounds at AOL, where they have taken a break from laying off people to rerouting visitors seeking SingingFish and Truveo to other sites.

Truveo May Be Key To AOL Video Sales

Time Warner’s AOL recently purchased Truveo.com, a video search site that opened its virtual doors to the public in September 2005; only three months later the startup became part of AOL and may be the enabling mechanism behind its forthcoming video store.

AOL Acquires Video Search Provider, Truveo

AOL has announced the acquisition of Truveo Inc. a video search engine provider based in Burlingame, California.