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Man Doesn’t Like Facebook Photo Tags, Sues Man Doesn’t Like Facebook Photo Tags, Sues
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Minneapolis resident Aaron Olson really didn’t like the photos his uncle Randall posted on his Facebook Timeline. So, he sued for harrassment. Then lost. Then tried for an appeal. And lost again. Randall Labrie posted reportedly embarrassing photos of Olson …

Amanda Knox Verdict in Pictures Amanda Knox Verdict in Pictures

Earlier the murder conviction of Amanda Knox was overturned. Knox, 24, collapsed in tears after the jury declared that the evidence against her was not reliable. She was taken back to prison where she will be formally freed. Leading up …

Amanda Knox Found Not Guilty Amanda Knox Found Not Guilty
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The jury has returned from their deliberation of Amanda Knox’s appeal, and they’ve found her not guilty as she is to be immediately set free. In the moments leading up to the jury’s announcement, you could see the anxiety in …

Amanda Knox Awaiting Appeal Decision Amanda Knox Awaiting Appeal Decision
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Earlier today Amanda Knox tearfully told an Italian appeals court Monday that she did not kill her British roommate. She plead with the court to set her free so she could return home to the United States, after spending the …

Think Before You Tweet, This Juror Didn’t

Well you know you’ve hit the big time when your service is used by some crafty lawyer to file an appeal. Ok, twitter-birdso maybe it’s not hitting the big time but it is certainly evidence that not everyone on Twitter is a rocket scientist. Shocking I know but hey welcome to the new world order.

RIAA Trial To Be Broadcast Over The Internet

 The RIAA says it is abandoning new lawsuits against file sharers. but existing court actions are moving forward.  Thanks to a team of Harvard law students, one of these trials will be shared with the world in an unprecedent fashion. A Massachusetts District Court judge has granted the request of a Harvard Law legal team authorizing internet broadcast coverage of a case brought by the RIAA.

Facebook Poll Gets Woman Kicked Of Jury

If you have to serve on a  jury in a criminal trial, you’d more than likely think very carefully about discussing that trial outside the jury room and what’s going on in court.

Social Media Release Useless?

Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR started the trial over at Search Engine Watch, taking all proponents of the SMR to task and declaring that social media releases are a meatball sundae – a phrase from Seth Godin’s new book on marketing. 

Google OpenID Trials

What with social network APIs and mobile phones, Google has gotten all open and loving all of a sudden. It’s next step in taking over the world is the trial of OpenID for Blogger in Draft (it’s testing area for Blogger).

With the adoption of OpenID, commenters on Blogger blogs will be able to use their “one login fits all” username and password when leaving a comment.

What Better Relevancy Can Google Come up With?
Google, already has a near infinite number of data points to compute relevancy for the active parts of the web, and is looking to gather even more user data information. The WSJ has background on the story:

Fraud Trial Scuttled By Ebay Employee

A UK man on trial for defrauding eBay users received a break yesterday when an employee for eBay left the country before offering key testimony.

Google Chalks Up Victories In Print, Radio

A lot of Google’s products and services die quiet deaths in dark corners, but on the other hand, there are times when the company seems to have a Midas touch.  New reports indicate an appropriately golden future for Google’s newspaper and radio ads.

Patent and Trademark Office to Enable Comments

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is planning to launch a trial project in which outsiders will be able to comment on proposed patents that are working their way through the (incredibly time-consuming) patent application process. In effect, people will be allowed to post comments on patents and then other users will be allowed to vote on those comments, a la Digg.com.

Wikipedia Goes On Trial?

Professors at most major universities frown upon research papers that cite Wikipedia as a resource, given the socially driven nature of the site. The United States judicial system, however, seems to believe that using Wikipedia as a reference in court rulings is a good idea.

AP To Wire Libby Bloggers To Readers

As a pair of bloggers take their media seats in the highly visible Scooter Libby trial in a Washington federal courtroom, it has been learned that the Associated Press will carry the bloggers’ trial coverage.

Joyner, Waas To Blog Libby Trial

The first two credentialed bloggers to gain access to a federal trial should begin their blogging next week, after Media Bloggers Association president Robert Cox wraps up his voir dire (jury selection) coverage.

Bloggers Going To Libby Trial

The Media Bloggers Association will have two seats available to its members once the Scooter Libby trial begins in Washington after the Martin Luther King holiday.

Saddam Searches Flood Search Engines

As news of Saddam Hussein’s execution made its way around the web (rather quickly), people flocked to the search engines looking for video, images, and any other pertinent information about the hanging.

Eltima’s New Flash Decompiler

Flash Decompiler is an SWF tool that lets you decompile SWF files and converts SWF documents into FLAs.

Eric Ward Launches Link Building Newsletter

The PG SEO (pre-Google) and master linker, Eric Ward has recently launched a new newsletter on link building called, The Ward Report.

Terapad Aims to Change the Blogging Game

A new UK-based hosted blog service came out of private beta last week and is now open for business.

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