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Pornhub Is Planting Trees for Porn Views to Celebrate Arbor Day

In what might be the easiest way ever conceived to help the environment, you can now “spruce up America” by watching a bunch of porn. Popular streaming porn site Pornhub has just announced the Gives America Wood (SFW) Arbor Day promotion. It’s incredibly simple–all people have to do is watch videos in the “big dick” category (wood, get it?) and …

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Underwater Forest Excites Scientists In Alabama

An underwater forest of Cypress trees has been discovered off the coast of Alabama, and scientists believe it might have been uncovered by Hurricane Katrina. The Bald Cypress forest has been hiding beneath ocean sediments for more than 50,000 years, and those who have dived down to investigate say the trees are huge. So big, in fact, that they could …

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Giant Hogweed Plant: Beware, It Will Blind You

An invasive plant is taking over parts of Indiana, and the Department of Natural Resources is warning people to stay away from it as oil from the flowers can cause skin trauma and even blindness. Giant hogweed, or heracleum mantegazzianum, is on the Federal Noxious Weed list, which means it’s so dangerous it’s illegal to sell or transport across state …

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NASA’s U.S. Tree Map: Woody Biomass Density Never Looked So Cool

NASA is awesome for a variety of reasons, most prominently their role in everything space related. But NASA is also a great source of wonders of the more terrestrial persuasion, as is demonstrated in this new project about trees. Key takeaway: If you really love trees, just stay away from the middle of the United States. Although most of you …

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