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Dracula’s Castle Offered To Romanian Government For $85 Million

The Transylvanian castle said to be Dracula’s home is now up for sale. Bran Castle, built in the 13th century, is located in the countryside, with the closest town a few miles away. Many people have occupied the castle over the years, including knights and warriors. However, its most well known inhabitant is Vlad “The Impaler Tepes, who was said …

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Transylvania Scientist: “I Created Artificial Blood”

MedicalDaily reports that a Romanian scientist from the town of Cluj-Napoca in historical Transylvania may have just created the first synthetic and side-effect-free artificial blood substitute. This new blood doesn’t use hemoglobin to carry oxygen like previous blood synthesis attempts; instead, it uses a protein called hemerythrin which is extracted from a specific kind of invertebrate sea worm found in …

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