NYC Subway Derailment “Sparks” Inspection – And Friendly Connections

NYC Subway Derailment “Sparks” Inspection – And Friendly Connections

By Ashley Olds May 3, 2014

A New York City subway train derailed Friday morning while passing through a Queens tunnel. Involving six of the middle cars out of an eight-car Manhattan-bound ‘F’ line subway train, the incident reportedly left 19 of the 1,000 passengers injured. …

Google Transit Makes Itself Useful In Europe

Public transportation doesn’t seem too tempting when you’ve got a car in the garage.  But if you’re on vacation in another country, those sorts of systems start to look quite nice, and so we welcome the introduction of Google Transit trip planner for Europe.

Google Transit Graduates, Gets Wrapped Into Maps

Saving people’s time, money, and the environment, it’s Google Transit to the rescue!  Only the service appears to have left on its Clark Kent glasses – despite officially graduating from Google Labs, the words “Labs” remains on its homepage.

Google Transit Spreads To New Cities
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It’s fun to “ooh” and “aah” over Google’s most interesting products and services, but it’s also frustrating to note their limited availability.  Street View, for example, doesn’t picture a road within 600 miles of my home.  But Google Transit has just added coverage in a handful of areas.

Google Maps Takes On Public Transit Info
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If you ride some form of public transportation – be it subways, trains, or buses – you may know about Google Transit, which helps users “[c]reate your own transit trip, complete with itineraries and maps.”  That service worked just fine (within a few areas), but the search engine company now plans to incorporate much more information into Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google Celebrates, Forecasts, And Routes

The search advertising company turned eight years old, and also dropped updates into its Calendar and Transit products.

Google Domains, Subdomains And Subdirectories

ResourceShelf has compiles an exhaustive list of the directories, subdirectories and domain URLs being actively used by Google.

Google Base Seen in General Search Results

Results drawn from Google Base have started to appear in search results drawn for certain keywords.

Transit Maps In Google Maps

Adrian Holovaty has whipped up a Firefox hack for Google Maps that allows you to see Chicago’s public transportation system.