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NYC Subway Derailment “Sparks” Inspection – And Friendly Connections

A New York City subway train derailed Friday morning while passing through a Queens tunnel. Involving six of the middle cars out of an eight-car Manhattan-bound ‘F’ line subway train, the incident reportedly left 19 of the 1,000 passengers injured. While four of the injuries were deemed serious enough to require hospital transport, there were no reports made of body …

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Google Adds Street View Imagery From Airports, Transit Stations

Google announced that it has added some new transit locations to Street View to make it easier to see where you’re going while you’re traveling. Specifically, they’ve added 16 international airports, ovder 50 train and subway stations and a cable car station in Hong Kong. “Now you can visit the check-in counter of your airline in Madrid, map out the …

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Google Maps API Gets Transit, Symbols, Heatmap Layers; Now Locates Pot Farms

The buzz of all things Google continues at the Google I/O conference, meaning there are some announcements that may trigger the interest of Google Maps API users. Perhaps the most notable addition to the inventory of Google Maps API is the inclusion of public transit directions that can be used in Google Maps Javascript v3 and the Directions Web Service. …

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Google Maps Now Available In Bahasa Malaysia

Google’s had quite the crush on Malaysia recently. Last week, the company launched a Malaysia-specific domain for YouTube and now they’ve announced that Google Maps will have traffic and transit information for the western Pacific country. The traffic information, which has been around in other countries for a few years now, will be presented as an overlay on the trafficked …

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