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Twitter Reacts to Facebook’s Trademark of “Book” Twitter Reacts to Facebook’s Trademark of “Book”
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In its revised “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,” Facebook claims the word “book” as a trademark. This may seem both pedantic and silly, but Facebook has always been protective of its namesake. Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica clears things up …

Who’s Got The Buzz: Yahoo or Google?
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UPDATE: Google’s Victoria Katsarou tells WebProNews…

"We chose the name Buzz because of the word’s connotations of activity, conversations, sharing of information… Buzz’ is not a trademarked term."

Blogger Bullied To Remove Avis Logo

U.S. blogger Eric Turkewitz, a lawyer who writes a personal injury blog has been told by car rental company Avis to remove an image of its logo from his blog posting or face charges of trademark infringement.

George Lucas Declares Trademark War On Digg
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There’s no balance in the Force with the Digg.com around, says LucasFilms, who has filed a trademark complaint against the social news site. Diggers haven’t been this torn since they walked out of The Phantom Menace and realized how much it sucked.

Waiting for Legal Stance on TMs in Subdomains

It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer before we find out if using a trademark in a subdomain is legal or not.