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Toyota Launches Facebook Contest For Prius Anniversary

Toyota has launched a Facebook contest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Prius.

Toyota is inviting people to submit a video or several photos that show their enthusiasm for the Prius for a chance to host the 10 Years of Toyota Prius Anniversary Celebration in their hometown.

Toyota will select the top 10 finalists and then let the Facebook Prius community decide who should names the most passionate fan.


MySpace Launches Music Competition For Unsigned Artists
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MySpace has partnered with Toyota to launch a music competition for unsigned bands or solo artists to submit an original song for the chance to land a recording contract with MySpace Records.

The competition called "Rock the Space" runs today through July 1. Those interested in entering can visit Toyota’s MySpace Music profile for submission details and contest rules.

Toyota Looks At Green Design On YouTube

Thanks to its Prius model, Toyota’s often been connected to “green” movements; Google itself even bought and tinkered with a fleet of the hybrids.  Now, through a new channel on YouTube, the automaker is promoting a number of environmentally friendly technologies.

Google Street View Gets Camera Car Fleet
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Those of you who like the Google Street View program should celebrate; those who have privacy concerns should stock up on window blinds and baseball caps.  A report indicates that Google’s got at least 30 new Chevy Cobalts, and they appear ready to serve as Street View camera cars.

Google Develops Fleet Of Fuel-Efficient Cars

Want to improve your car’s efficiency?  Maybe you should hand the keys over to Google; in conjunction with Hymotion/A123Systems, the search engine giant has developed “a small fleet of plug-in hybrids,” and the vehicles have demonstrated a striking ability to slurp less gas.

driverTV.com: Only For The Fast

If you don’t have a fast Internet connection, stop reading.  This doesn’t apply to you.  Everyone else, rejoice – driverTV.com, “the only automotive destination designed from the ground up for broadband subscribers” is here; as you might imagine, it’s rather good-looking.

Consumer Dissonance

One trend my firm follows is what we call consumer dissonance.

Toyota Introduces “Hybrid” Social Networking

Social networking is a bandwagon; the number of companies that haven’t taken a shot at it is decreasing on what seems like a daily basis. But in its newest incarnation, social networking may have become a reliable and fuel-saving bandwagon: Toyota has gotten on board with a redesigned site for the owners of hybrid vehicles.

Toyota Doubling Up On Hybrids

The popularity of hybrid vehicle models like the Prius has soared along with gasoline prices in North America.

Toyota Plans To Double Hybrid Production

Japanese automaker announced plans to double their hybrid automobile production in 2006 according a new Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. This plan will take their production levels to 500,000 cars a year.

Toyota’s Lexus Tops In Quality

General Motors also places well in the most recent J.D. Power and Associates survey of 2002 model year car owners.

Google Now Worth $80 Billion

John Battelle notes that Google’s market capitalization is now just north of 80 billion dollars, making it the largest media company on the planet, overtaking Time Warner.

Toyota Recalls 880,000 Automobiles Around The World

Toyota is recalling about 880,000 sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks around the world because of a defect in the front suspension that can cause steering problems.

GM, Toyota Together Again

It’s not fuel cell technology this time. The two automakers recently picked up J.D. Power awards for quality.

Toyota Formally Announces Hybrid Plant

The existing Georgetown, Kentucky plant will be the automaker’s first hybrid production site in North America.

GM And Toyota Discuss Possible JV

General Motors and Toyota are reportedly in discussions about a joint venture that would see the two automakers building fuel cell systems for hydrogen-powered cars.

Fuel Cells Factor in GM, Toyota Discussions

The Japanese automaker, enjoying huge success with its hybrid Prius model, will work with GM on a gas-less venture.

Toyota Continues To Take Off

Toyota continues to expand while GM and Ford look for ways to cut back. Toyota will continue to pursue development in North America with a new Camry hybrid and a new facility to build the Scion.

Toyota Going To Canada

Another new plant will be built in North America, this time in Woodstock, Ontario, according to reports.

Toyota Will Not Raise Prices To Help U.S. Auto Industry

Toyota said that it will not raise its car prices as an effort to help out its rivals in the United States.

Toyota Buys Michigan Property

Toyota Technical Center USA has signed a purchase agreement with the State of Michigan for property being offered by the State of Michigan.