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The Pirate Bay Did Not Get Shut Down

The Pirate Bay went down for quite some time today. Whenever the site goes down for more than five minutes, people begin to fear the worst. There was also the small coincidence of The Pirate Bay’s former host being raided by the police today that added to the concern. Well, the folks from The Pirate Bay are here to set …

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Private BitTorrent Tracker Hacked, Passwords Leaked By Afghani Hackers

Hackers generally view BitTorrent trackers as friendly entities. Members of Anonymous are constantly extolling the virtues of The Pirate Bay and other trackers. Some hackers, however, are proving to be not as friendly. It was revealed this morning that RevolutionTT, a private BitTorrent tracker, had been hacked. A group simply calling themselves “Afghanistan Hackers” uploaded a text file containing 19,000 …

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Google Is Now Censoring The Pirate Bay In Autocomplete

Google freaked out the collective Internet last month when they announced the controversial plan to add DMCA takedown notices into account when providing search results. This would make it so that sites with questionable reputations would be placed below more legitimate sites. It was obviously an attempt to make peace with the copyright industry that has long blamed Google for …

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Police Crackdown On BitTorrent Trackers In Sweden

We reported that the Sweden Supreme Court held up the conviction of the Pirate Bay founders. It seems that decision has had more of an effect on file-sharing sites across the net in Sweden than previously thought. TorrentFreak is reporting that Swepiracy, a site that facilitated torrent downloads, has been shut down by authorities in Sweden and the Netherlands. The …

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