Politics and the Internet: The Relationship Is Growing

Politics and the Internet: The Relationship Is Growing

By Abby Johnson January 29, 2012 | 1 Comment

In 2008, politics changed in a big way. This change was driven by the impact that the Internet and social media had on the Presidential election. Since that time, this same influence has been evidenced all across the world such as with the protests in the Middle East.

Skrenta Cedes CEO Role At Topix

VP of marketing Chris Tolles will take Rich Skrenta’s CEO job running news-aggregating site Topix, with Skrenta taking over management of the Topix board of directors.

Everybody Sues YouTube
Several news items regarding YouTube lawsuits came through yesterday:

Web 2.0 Expo: Transforming The Media

Static online reprints of newspaper and magazine articles is so ten years ago. Interactivity and networking are the big factors now, as people want to leave their mark in comments on the stories of today.

Topix Goes Beyond Aggregation

Topix went beyond aggregation today by launching the ability for local news readers to post or comment upon stories.  CEO Rich Skrenta describes the business model transformation where they took more risk to turn SEO attention into participation — sharing control to create value.

Topix Gets Local with Citizen Journalism

Topix, the local news aggregator that is owned by several big U.S. newspaper chains (Gannett, The Tribune and McClatchy), is doing what amounts to a relaunch of the site and adding “citizen journalism” or social media to the mix, as well as moving to a dot-com domain (it used to be dot-net). Founder and CEO Rich Skrenta — who describes on his personal blog how this came out of an attempt to “de-suckify” the site — has a blog post at Topix about the changes, and says:

Topix Reinvented As Hyperlocal News Portal

The news aggregating site at Topix.net has a new complementary domain at Topix.com, and a renewed focus on the local audience that CEO Rich Skrenta thinks can be a difference maker for the site. Oh, and just call them Topix.

Topix and Citizen Journalism

USA Today has the scoop on Topix.com’s (no longer .net) new initiative to encourage the general public to post news and reports from their local community.

Why Topix Should’ve Saved its $1 Million

The WSJ’s Kevin Delaney, provides a broad overview of the issues web site owners face when switching their web site from one domain to another – usually via a 301 redirect. The story focuses on Topix.net…

Topix Worries About Domain Change
· 25

After paying $1 million to purchase the rights to the Topix.com domain, Topix.net CEO Rich Skrenta now has to deal with a couple of daily realities in the search world: changing domains could cause a dropoff in search engine-driven traffic, and Google isn’t exactly Nordstrom or L.L. Bean when it comes to customer service.

Hyperlocal Focus Will Relaunch Topix

Rich Skrenta of Topix.net thinks that the time has come where local community will drive Topix to greater heights, and that community-driven content merits re-organizing the site to emphasize it.

Newspapers Divvy Up CareerBuilder, Topix

Gannett, Tribune, and McClatchy have reworked their ownership percentages of online classifieds site CareerBuilder, the Topix.net news aggregator, and the ShopLocal.com search engine.

Topix Debuts Classifieds Service

Within the local news search at Topix.net, visitors will see local classified ads on the right side of the page and an invitation to post a free ad themselves.

Topix.net Inks AP Deal

Topix sales and marketing VP Chris Tolles disclosed the agreement with the Associated Press to help connect users to topical stories.

Geocoding the Conversation

It’s not enough that marketers/PR pros know what’s being said about clients/brands.

I’m Feed Up with Feedless News Sites

I am “feed up” with news sites that don’t offer quality RSS feeds.

Topix Opens All News for Comments and Contributions

Topix.net, a news aggregation site and a CooperKatz client, today unleashed not only a new design but a bunch of new features.