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“Responsible” Tops Linkedin’s 2013 Buzzwords “Responsible” Tops Linkedin’s 2013 Buzzwords

As the largest social network for career networking, LinkedIn has access to a great wealth of data about how professionals want to be perceived. Though the word “creative” has consistently popped up on the site’s yearly top 10 overused buzzwords …

Amazon Releases The Best Books Of 2013 List

As we approach the end of 2013, we’re getting into top 10 list season. Today, Amazon annouonced its selections for the Best Books of 2013. “This year offered a stellar list of books to choose from, both fiction and nonfiction,” …

Top 7 Lists Lead The Pack On Digg
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Lists are good, but if they become too long, readers are liable to lose interest.  Too short, and no one will think your 25-word post is worth reading.  Top 10 lists have become the norm – but why?  Russ Jones of the Google Cache combed through over 2,500 Digg stories to see if lists with more (or fewer) points do better.