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EXCLUSIVE: Salesforce Talks, Its New Customer Service Platform

Earlier this week, Salesforce announced the launch of a new customer service platform called The service is cloud-based and integrates social media as well as traditional channels including email and phone.

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WordPress announced the launch of a new Chrome extension which gives you access to a number of features and notifications while you’re away from This should prove to be pretty handy for a lot of bloggers. Users will get notifications anytime they get a new follower or like. When you have the extension installed, it will display …

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Content Curation: What Does it Take to Be Successful?

WebProNews had a little Q&A with Kate Brodock, the Executive Director of Digital and Social Media at Syracuse University about content curation on the web. She will be giving a talk on this subject at BlogWorld next week, but we decided to pick her brain ahead of the talk, as this subject is one that only continues to become more …

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Google Refreshes Google Docs Presentations, Adds 50 New Features

Google announced a major refresh of Presentations in Google Docs, adding 50 new features, including transitions, animations, new themes, drawings, and rich tables. “A year and a half ago, we released completely new document, spreadsheet and drawing editors. Google Docs has been picking up speed ever since with more than 60 new features and millions of new users,” says software …

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New Facebook Tools & What They Mean for Brands

Facebook’s new Page Insights have a lot of brands excited, and for a good reason. The upgraded tool not only shows impressions and “Like” data, but it also goes beyond these metrics in order for brands to grasp the full reach of their marketing efforts on Facebook.

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Search Google+ With This Tool

Many of us have wondered why Google+ didn’t launch with a search feature. I mean, it’s Google. Still, there are ways to search it that should suffice, at least until Google finally launches an official feature. Developer Andrew Shen, for example, has created a browser extension called Search Extension for Google Plus, which searches Google+ public contents and profiles. It …

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Google Page Speed Service Rewrites Your Pages

Google announced this morning that it’s releasing a new new web performance tool for webmeisters called Page Speed Service. This follows several other offerings from the company in the page speed realm, including a browser extension, the Page Speed Online API, and an Apache module. “Page Speed Service is an online service that automatically speeds up loading of your web …

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Likester Launches New Social Platform for Analyzing Facebook Likes

A couple of months ago, the Internet was blowing up about the hit show American Idol. This hype increased as global popularity engine Likester made predictions for the show through its Likester Idol technology. Likester was able to forecast who would be going home each week based on the number of Facebook Likes the contestants received both before and after their weekly performances.

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Convert SWF Files to HTML5 with Swiffy

Google just launched a new Google Labs project called “Swiffy“. It converts Flash SWF files to HTML5. It lets you reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (ie: iPhones and iPads). You may recall a similar tool from Adobe, called Wallaby. Here’s what Google has to say about that: Wallaby is an installable tool that converts .fla files, …

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Prosodic Predicts How Your Social Campaign Will Perform, Says CEO

We all know that there is a lot of noise in social media. This noise is not only a result of more social media adoption by brands, but it is also a result of bad content. Unfortunately, noise impacts both consumers and brands.

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Facebook’s Security Tools – Are They Enough?

Facebook has received numerous complaints over privacy, especially in the past year. Both consumers and privacy organizations have expressed their frustration with the social giant, and in one instance last year, even filed a complaint with the FTC.

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Browser War to Heat up with New Products from Opera

With big news from Google Chrome and Firefox, the browser war has been anything but quiet lately. Norwegian browser Opera has also positioned its place in the war with several recent announcements. At SXSW, WebProNews caught up with Charles McCathieNevile, Opera’s Chief Standards Officer, to talk about the company’s recent efforts.

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