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FDA’s E-Cigarette Regulations Manage to Disappoint People on All Sides

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration currently regulates your traditional forms of tobacco–cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, and smokeless tobacco. Of course, some new players have joined the nicotine party as of late-the most notable being the electronic cigarette, or e-cig (or vape pen), which has been unregulated for years now. We’ve all known it was coming for some time, and Thursday …

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New York City’s Smoking Ban to Include e-cigarettes

Since 2002, New York City has banned smoking in bars, restaurants, places of employment, government buildings, parks, and other public places. Now, over a decade after that law was enacted, the NYC Council has decided to add e-cigarettes to the ban. In a 43-8 vote the city approved the measure to ban electronic cigarettes from all public buildings – and …

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New York City to Raise Smoking Age From 18 to 21

Among its 8.3 million residents, 14 per cent of New York City smokes – the average price of a pack costs $11.90, which rakes in about $1.8 billion in tax receipts a year. Last Wednesday night, the New York City Council voted almost unanimously on the “Tobacco 21” bill, which raises the tobacco-purchasing age from 18 to 21; that goes for …

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FDA, NIH Team Up For Tobacco Regulation Program

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that they have partnered to fund 14 new “Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science.” The agencies will put up $53 million for the program, which will be directed by the NIH Office of Disease Prevention. “While we’ve made tremendous strides in reducing the use …

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Big Tobacco To Join E-Cigarette Revolution

If the giants of a particular industry adopts a new and up-and-coming item, does that bring legitimacy to the product? In the case of e-cigarettes, we’re about to find out. According to reports, companies that are immediately associated with Big Tobacco–Philip Morris USA (Marlboro) and Reynolds American (Camels)–are throwing their collective hat into the growing industry of electronic cigarettes, a …

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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Graphic Anti-Smoking Disclaimers, Other New Regulations

If you’ve traveled much to other countries, especially in Europe, you’ve probably noticed cigarette packs with massive labels on them, warning of the dangers of smoking. It’s our Surgeon General’s Warning on steroids. “Smoking Kills,” says a British version, eloquent and succinct, across half the pack. Or there’s my favorite, the German “Rauchen kann zu einem langsamen und schmerzhaften Tod …

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