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Rod Taylor Of “The Birds”, “Time Machine” Dies at 84

Rod Taylor fans around the world continue to mourn Hollywood’s loss today. Taylor suffered a heart attack on Wednesday after a dinner party and is survived by his wife, Carol, and his daughter, Felicia, who is a former CNN anchor. Felicia said of her father’s life in Hollywood, “My dad loved his work. Being an actor was his passion – …

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Tippi Hedren Mourns Passing of ‘The Birds’ Costar Rod Taylor

Tippi Hedren starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film The Birds alongside critically acclaimed actor Rod Taylor. Taylor died on Wednesday evening of a heart attack. He was 84. In addition to The Birds, Rod Taylor starred in more than 50 Hollywood films throughout his career. In addition to starring with Tippi Hedren, he appeared on the big screen opposite a …

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Tippi Hedren Mourns “The Birds” Actor Rod Taylor

Tippi Hedren joins the rest of Hollywood in mourning the passing of legendary actor Rod Taylor. Rod Taylor suffered a heart attack and passed away on Wednesday evening after a dinner party. He was 84. Tippi Hedren starred with Taylor in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, The Birds. This was one of his most notable roles, but Rod Taylor was no …

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Tippi Hedren Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit

You may remember Hollywood actress Tippi Hedren for her iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock’s frightening film The Birds. Now you may wind up remembering her for winning almost $1.5 million for a gallon of water falling on her head. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a California appeals court ruled today that the 83 year old actress’ former lawyer, Joseph Allen, …

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Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock Was “Evil” And “Dangerous”

It’s no secret to those who take an interest in Hitchcock film lore that his leading ladies didn’t always think very highly of him; rumors have churned for years that he was mentally abusive to those who refused his advances and took his frustrations out the only way he could: by punishing the beautiful stars of his movies with extra-long …

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