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Double Fine Goes For Another Round On Kickstarter With Massive Chalice

Double Fine, the studio behind Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and more, proved Kickstarter as a viable platform for game funding back in 2012 with Broken Age. Now the developer is back with a new game that it hopes fans new and old alike will fund. The game in question is called Massive Chalice. It’s a strategy RPG that promises to combine …

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New The Cave Character Trailer Released

Since its announcement in May, not much has been revealed about Double Fine and Sega‘s new 2-D platforming game The Cave. We know that the title will combine elements of platforming, exploration, puzzle-solving, and teamwork between the characters. Speaking of characters, it’s clear that Double Fine has created seven unique characters who will provide plenty of replay value through different …

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Notch Provides Psychonauts 2 Details

We reported last week that Notch, the creator of Minecraft, offered to fund Psychonauts 2 via Twitter. The Internet gamer population literally exploded with the news. The hype may have gotten a little out of hand, however, and Notch took to his blog to set the record straight. Notch clarifies that his tweet that offered to fund Psychonauts 2 was …

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Minecraft Creator Pledges To Fund Psychonauts 2 Over Twitter

Minecraft creator Notch might have pulled the greatest Twitter stunt that the gaming world has ever seen. Many people have given up hope on a sequel to Tim Schafer’s Psychonauts since it would require a substantial investment and many publishers don’t want to touch the franchise since the first game performed so poorly. Recently, Tim Schafer said in an interview …

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