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AMC Theatres Now Offering Movie-a-Day Subscription Plan

In a move to get people out of their houses and watching movies at the theater as much as they’re watching them from their couches, AMC Theatres is partnering with MoviePass to bring a subscription model to the theatergoer. AMC will let customers pay a monthly fee to gain virtually unlimited access to screenings (it’s not quite unlimited, but at …

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Google Glass Likely Banned from UK Movie Theaters

Google Glass has been available in the UK for less than a week, but the largest cinema group in the region is already stating that the wearable tech will not be welcome in most of their represented establishments. The Cinema Exhibitors Association, which represents the interests of around 90 percent of UK cinema operators, is putting the kibosh on Glass …

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Guy Who Shot Texting Moviegoer Was Also Texting

Back in January, 71-year-old Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson in a crowded movie theater during a screening of Lone Survivor. Reeves shot Oulson after an altercation the sprang from the latter texting in the theater and refusing to stop. According to Oulson’s wife, who was non-fatally shot, they were simply texting a babysitter about their 3-year-old daughter. Reeves …

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Parkland: A Film Surrounding JFK’s Assassination

Did you know that John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald died in the same Dallas hospital? How about that the same doctor worked on both men? The world was never the same after November 22, 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Since that time, we’ve heard a million conspiracy theories on who actually shot President …

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Movie Theaters Want to Cut Lengthy, Spoiler-Filled Trailers

Despite the fact that I’ve seen every movie trailer online way before I see them inside the movie theater nowadays – I still kind of like watching trailers at the cinema. Maybe it’s nostalgia – it’s always been like that. The lights go dark, you watch a few trailers, and finally your movie comes on. That’s the experience. But there’s …

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