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Here’s A Few More Details On The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 has its work cut out for it. It’s an original IP on a next-gen console that has to prove itself to players looking for something new and exciting from their $400 console. Visuals are only going to go so far so the game has to prove that it has some gameplay chops as well. In a new …

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The Order: 1886 Gameplay Finally Unveiled

At E3, Sony announced that it was working with Ready at Dawn to create an exclusive PS4 title called The Order: 1886. At the time, we were treated to a trailer that introduced us to the setting and characters. Since then, gamers have been wanting to see gameplay and that gameplay is finally here. VG24/7 got the exclusive debut gameplay …

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New ‘The Order: 1886’ Details Revealed

The Order: 1886 was one of the few new PlayStation 4 exclusives that Sony announced during its big E3 conference. The game features monster hunters fighting un-revealed supernatural creatures in a Victorian London. With futuristic weapons. The anachronism made for a very interesting teaser trailer, but many details about the game are still missing. Though The Order was missing from …

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New The Order: 1886 Details Revealed

One of the most intriguing new game reveals at Sony’s big E3 presentation was also the most cryptic. The teaser trailer for The Order: 1886 showed monster hunters in Victorian London fighting an unrevealed supernatural menace using high-tech weapons. That’s it, other than the fact that it will probably utilize guns, gamers were left to question what the trailer suggested …

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The Order: 1886 Is Sony’s Big New IP For The PS4

The Order: 1886 sounds like an Assassin’s Creed spinoff. It’s not, but Sony’s new IP for the PS4 will share some similarities with Ubisoft’s series. During Sony’s press conference, The Order: 1886 was the only original IP to be shown for the PS4. It may be an original IP for Sony, but the team seems to have been heavily influenced …

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E3 2013: The Order: 1886 Details Revealed

Most of the games shown at Sony’s big E3 conference last night had already been seen in February. Though new looks at titles such as Knack and Infamous: Second Son were welcome, most gamers were really waiting to hear some new game announcements. There were a few – Mad Max is being developed by the creators of Just Cause 2, …

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