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Grant Gustin Shows Off his New ‘Flash’ Look

DC Comics fans finally have something new to debate. The CW’s new series about The Flash  revealed a teaser of his new snazzy suit. The Flash doesn’t begin production for another week. However, the first official picture of Grant Gustin in his Flash costume was shown today. To not give too much away too soon, the production team only exposed the very …

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Danielle Panabaker to Co-Star In the CW’s “Flash” Pilot

For years, the CW has toyed with the idea of developing a Flash television series, but only officially started its production last summer. In December the CW show Arrow introduced the character of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), soon-to-be Flash, as a way to develop a spinoff series around the DC comics’ character. Originally creators of Arrow planned a backdoor pilot …

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The Joker Introduces Lex Luthor To A Crowbar In The Latest Injustice: Gods Among Us Matchup

Last week, WB Games started up the Injustice Battle Arena where fans of the upcoming fighter could vote to see who fights who in weekly match ups. The first week saw Batman face off against Bane and Wonder Woman face off against Harley Quinn. Batman and Wonder Woman moved on to the second round. This week, the two match ups …

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