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Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Breaking Up?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, and are especially pleasing to fans of The Amazing Spiderman films. Emma Stone has been dating Andrew Garfield for over three years, which is a long time in Hollywood standards. But, could there be trouble for Emma Stone and her “amazing” boyfriend? Since Emma Stone and Andrew …

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Surf in Hawaii

The Amazing Spiderman duo Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spent some time catching waves in Hawaii last week with surfer, Roy Russell. Russell, known as “The Dog,” is a 60-year old legendary surfer who runs the Rory Russell Surf School at Kona, Hawaii. Over the years he beat surfing records in the Pipeline Masters and the Hawaiian Pros. Stone, 25, …

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The Amazing Spider Man Premieres Internationally – Sees Great Opening in Asia

Spiderman is back, everywhere but the United States, anyway. The movie premiered over the weekend to international audiences in 13 territories, nine in Asia and four in Europe. The releases in Asia and Europe comes on the tail of Sam Raimi’s $890 million blockbuster hit, Spiderman 3 five years ago. It is unclear why they chose to test the international …

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The Amazing Spider Man Game Launches on Android, iOS

Gameloft is teaming up with marvel to launch The Amzing Spiderman movie game release on Android and iOS. The game is based on the original film storyline, so if this is a movie you can’t wait to see, you will be able to get a sneak peak at what the movie will offer by playing this mobile app. Similar characters …

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Australian Spiderman Trailer Emerges With New Footage

Back in April we were given two international trailers, revealing some of the back story of this rendition of Spiderman. These trailers did not include much action, electing to concentrate on the story side. They revealed the darker tone and some changes in the storyline, when compared to the previous Tobey Macguire Spiderman. In this version, we see a lot …

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