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Mobile Device Shopping Increases During Thanksgiving Sales Mobile Device Shopping Increases During Thanksgiving Sales

Now that we’ve entered the holiday shopping season, having just finished with the Thanksgiving rushes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the early results are starting to trickle in, and the reports are good, especially for online retailers. According to …

Thanksgiving, Sports & Weight Loss Thanksgiving, Sports & Weight Loss
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Today is Thanksgiving, so naturally, there is a slight Thanksgiving theme to today’s edition of the daily infographic round-up. We’re counting football and the need to lose weight in that category. View more daily infographic round-ups here. Chow looks at …

Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips: Your Online Guide Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips: Your Online Guide
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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, a time when friends and families get together for food, fun, and football. A time to celebrate things like charity and camaraderie. It’s also a time for seemingly unending stress – …

Nickelback to Play Lions/Packers Halftime Show? Not If These Petitioners Have a Say Nickelback to Play Lions/Packers Halftime Show? Not If These Petitioners Have a Say
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There are few things more American than Thanksgiving Day football, and there are apparently few bands easier to hate than Nickelback. So when those two forces collided, it didn’t take long for there to be some pretty harsh blowback. Earlier …

Walmart Wins Thanksgiving, Amazon Wins Black Friday
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You may have read about the online price wars going on this holiday season between Walmart and Amazon. It looks like both companies are doing quite well as a result (not that that is much of a surprise). According to data from Experian Hitwise, Walmart was the top retail site on Thanksgiving Day, and Amazon was the top retail site on Black Friday.

Black Friday 2009: The Best Deals On The Items You Want
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Is there a better way to kick off the Holiday season then slowly dragging yourself out of your tryptophan induced coma to go shopping during the wee hours of the day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. Black Friday?

What Twitterers Are Thankful For
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Do you want to tell the world what you’re thankful for? Will the Twitterverse suffice? How about you followers and the few people that go to TurkeyTwitter?

Google Highlights Searches For Black Friday Deals
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With Thanksgiving just a few weeks’ away consumers are already starting to search for deals online.

Over the last seven days fifty percent of the top "Black Friday" related search terms include ads, sales and deals, according to Google Insights for Search.

Online Retailers Cash In On Cyber Monday

While the economy boded poorly for brick-and-mortar stores over the holiday weekend leading up to Cyber Monday, Hitwise says business was pretty much booming for online-only retailers.

Thanksgiving Huge for Wal-Mart

U.S. traffic on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 increased 20 percent compared to Thanksgiving 2006, Hitwise reported today. 

Social Media Thanksgiving List

In the spirit of the season – we’ve compiled a few things we are thankful for around here at Ignite.

Yahoo Tips Turkey Day With Shortcuts

Yahoo Search followed its release of NBA and NHL Shortcuts with ones oriented toward holiday recipes.

Ask.com Gobbles Up Thanksgiving Week

Turkey queries and Black Friday deal searches rate among the places Ask believes its search engine can help the typical person around the holidays.

Tasty Advertising Key For Food Retailers

Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve make for a time of increased consumption, one that online retailers with a savory bent should consider with their ad campaigns.

Big Names Enjoy Thanksgiving Traffic

The brick and mortar storefronts crowded with bargain-seeking shoppers on Black Friday had plenty of traffic at their online counterparts the day before, as shoppers sought refuge from relatives and chores by spending some quality time with their Internet connections and online retailers.

Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving

I recently got an iPod Nano, mainly because I’m annoyed at the limitations of my iPod Shuffle on long trips (like flying half way around the world).

The Day After Thanksgiving Online

The day after Thanksgiving has long been known as the single busiest shopping day of the year for retailers. Online retailers decided to be a bit different. They’re aiming for “Cyber Monday” (cue tympanis). As “Also Sprach Zarathustra” kicks in, online retailers are looking to build on the uptick they’ve seen in recent years for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving On The Net

One of the biggest times of the year for just about anyone with something to sell is the holidays. Companies on the Internet are no different. There are tons of sites with the history of Thanksgiving, recipes, craft ideas and tons of other stuff. Some sites are better than others. I’ve included a few here that I like.

Google News Used To Be Better

Ever since Google News changed their algorithm 4 or 5 months back it just isn’t as good.

Search Revenues & Conversions Nearly Triple After Thanksgiving

A note in the MediaPost column discusses the recent rise in revenue for marketers advertising in search engines …

Ask Jeeves Featured In Today’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Ask Jeeves internet “butler” in huge balloon form is featured in today’s Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade seen by millions.