Snapchat Wants You to Keep Your Clothes On

Snapchat Wants You to Keep Your Clothes On

By Josh Wolford February 20, 2015

Snapchat has grown far beyond its initial designation as “that sexting app with the disappearing messages”, and the app is being used for things far beyond your basic boob shot and dick pic. Brands are getting in the mix and …

Pinterest Updates Terms of Service Pinterest Updates Terms of Service

Terms of service is one of those things that every social media service has and many users never read. If you do take the time to read them, however, you learn the horrifying truth that most Web sites don’t care …

What If Terms of Service Were More Interesting? What If Terms of Service Were More Interesting?

How often do you actually read Terms of Service agreements? Now, be honest. ☺ I have to admit that I don’t usually read them, for the sake of time, but I do sometimes wonder about what I’m agreeing to. It is a legal document, after all, and it should be taken with some seriousness.

Playboy’s Nudity Allowed On YouTube [UPDATE] Playboy’s Nudity Allowed On YouTube [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Well that was quick. Within 5-10 minutes of this article being posted, the videos in question have been taken down by YouTube: Here’s another (grainy) screencap from one of the videos, entitled “Slam Dunk.” Original Article: YouTube consistently takes …

Who Really Owns Your Tweets?

Twitter has made some revisions to its terms of service, to address issues like advertising, tweet ownership, APIs, and spam. There’s not as much news in this as one might expect, but there are some things worth noting, namely, Twitter’s stance on who owns tweets. Are your past tweets important to you? Tell us.

Facebook TOS Vote To End Today

People who have been procrastinating should know that they’re almost out of time.  Later today, the Facebook governance vote will end, and either the new or the old terms of service will become pretty well permanent.

Facebook Makes Some Changes

Original Article (update at the end): 

There are a couple of newsworthy Facebook changes going on. The first would be changes to the social network’s terms of service.

More On Facebook’s TOS

After what can only be termed a kerfuffle last week over changes to its Terms of Service, Facebook has decided to take some pretty drastic steps to address the issue of content ownership on the social networking site: they’re soliciting input from their users.

A Wild Week For Facebook, And Its Users

Facebook has had quite a week. If it is true that there is no such thing as bad publicity then this week has been a social-media-collagewindfall for the social networking giant. I have even read some conspiracy theorists who believe that the whole terms of service ‘incident’ was intended. I’m not sure I can go there but to be honest it does make some sense.

Facebook Changes Its Terms Back
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Mark ZuckerbergFacebook recently changed its terms of service and sparked a bit of controversy.

Facebook Now Owns All The Content You Put On…Facebook

As I was sitting down to a nice comfortable night at home I was alerted via Twitter about a change in theterms-of-service Terms of Service (TOS) at Facebook that could be pretty significant. Since I am not totally aware of the protocol for referencing tweets as sources, I will simply give you the whole deal here so the right people can get their Twitter props:

Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ Is Very Restricted

 Music Ally blogger Stuart Dredge pointed me toward the Terms & Condit

18 Or Older To Use Google?

Google has this bit in their terms of service:

You may not use the Services [defined as “Google’s products, software, services and web sites"] and may not accept the Terms if … you are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Google

AT&T Just Kidding About Cutting Off Critics

It’s nice to see AT&T isn’t immune to some heat. The company is reportedly revising its Terms of Service (ToS) agreement after it appeared AT&T reserved the right to terminate service of those critical of them.