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LinkedIn Tells Prostitutes to Stop Using the Service, Even If It’s Legal in Their Country

It appears that professional escorts have been using LinkedIn to make professional connections, and the company wants to put a stop to that. LinkedIn has just updated their terms of service and user agreement to add a good amount of new language, but one particular clause is rather interesting. Apparently, LinkedIn doesn’t want you using the service for “escort services …

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Google Changes Terms And Conditions For AdSense

Google announced that it is updating its terms and conditions for AdSense users. The changes will go into effect April 23rd. AdSense product manager Matt Goodridge writes in a blog post, “In order to keep pace with changes in our products, we regularly review our Terms and Conditions to make sure they’re up to date and in line with those …

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Facebook Removes a Bunch of Cover Photo Restrictions for Pages

Facebook has quietly updated its terms for Pages to allow page owners to display previously banned text and visuals on their cover photos. Although the terms page says that the last revision occurred on December 17th, there has definitely been some changes to to the “cover” section. Before the change, Facebook was pretty strict when it came to what can …

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