Cisco Announces Yet Another Acquisition: BroadHop

Cisco Announces Yet Another Acquisition: BroadHop

By Chris Crum December 18, 2012

Cisco announced today that it intends to acquire BroadHop, a provider of policy control and service management technology for carrier networks. “With global IP traffic projected to increase threefold over the next five years – after having increased eightfold over …

The Web’s Most, Biggest, Best, and Worst of 2007
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2007 was a frenzied year for all things digital, and could be marked as when the revolution really began to take hold. Social media took center stage, impacting everything from politics to major corporate maneuvers to raising awareness of social causes.

There were lawsuits, mysteries, legal abuses, policy shifts, embarrassments, scandals, oppressions, miscalculations, bubble discussions, and significant innovations. All and all, 2007 was a big year for anybody with a stake on the Net.

So, without further ado, we present the Most, the Biggest, the Best, and the Worst of 2007.

Brits Pay 3x Less Than US For Telcom Bundles

Britain edged out the US in broadband penetration for the first time in 2006, joining a host of other countries with better broadband access. It could have something to do with the fact that US households have to pay nearly three times as much.

Senators Call For Net Neutrality Hearing

Senators Bryon Dorgan (D-ND) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) sent a letter today to Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, calling for a hearing to discuss phone and cable companies’ recent discrimination against content on their networks, and whether current regulatory protections are enough.

Google Says It’s Time To Turn Japanese

Phone and cable companies are losing the Net Neutrality debate, and losing it badly. And Google’s Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt doesn’t mind pointing that out.

Schmidt Speaks From the Lion’s Den

It’s one thing to talk about Net Neutrality and a little regulation to a crowd of digerati idealists. It’s quite another to bring that up at the Masters of the Universe Ball.

Free Broadband Isn’t Really Free

The US broadband situation is so dire that you may not even be able to give away access. Worse, there might be good reason for that. You may not have heard of M2Z Networks, Inc., but 50,000 others have and are pressuring the FCC to approve the company’s offer of free nationwide broadband access.

Google Will ‘Probably’ Bid On Wireless Spectrum

Google will "probably" bid in the FCC’s 700 MHz spectrum auction set to take place in 2008, CEO Eric Schmidt told attendees at a Colorado summit with telecommunications industry representatives heavily in attendance.

A Lot Of Noise In The FCC’s White Space Dilemma

In case you had any hope left that the FCC really works for you, the taxpayer, and not for telecom incumbents, or even a smidge of optimism that the regulatory agency is competent, leave this article now, I’m about squash what hope you have remaining.

Amid Spectrum, Google Becomes The White Knight
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Google announced this morning its intention to bid in the upcoming 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, which is being touted as one of the most important communications auctions in American history. The company said it’s willing to bid a minimum of $4.6 billion.

Corporate Study Shows You Should Pay More

More bandwidth, not bandwidth manipulation, has been one of the technical solutions offered as an answer to the growing capacity demands of services like VoIP and video. It’s also been used as a rebuttal to telecom industry arguments against Net Neutrality, a rebuttal, um, rebutted in a new study sponsored by…

FTC Drinks The Telco Kool-Aid
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It’s sad to think parts of our free market economy have failed, become gummed up by the sludge of its own engine. It’s supposed to work, to drive us, keep us ahead of everyone. Only, it’s not so much anymore, the engine is aging, and though we try to wish it away, reality is setting in, even as vested storytellers perpetuate the myth to keep us wishing.

FCC’s Adelstein Takes Up Open Spectrum Cause

One down, four to go. That’s the count supporters of open airwaves and neutral networks are holding up as Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein publicly voices his support for requiring winners of the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction to keep a chunk of it open to competition.

Google Files Net Neutrality Pleas With FCC

While the world seems to be waking up to a larger, more powerful Google than they anticipated, the company’s heft can work to the consumer’s advantage, especially in matters of government influence (da gov’ment does seem to prefer corporations over its citizens). On Friday, Google filed 47 pages worth of comments with the FCC about Net Neutrality.

Sen. Dorgan Praises Net Neutrality Coalition

Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) criticized both AT&T head Ed Whitacre and Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) for their efforts against Network Neutrality protections during a conference call with reporters today, as the SaveTheInternet.com coalition celebrated its first anniversary.

EDM and IT Operations

I saw an interesting article on DM Direct (DM Review‘s email newsletter) today – Leveraging Decision Automation in Database Administration.

WiMax is the Future of Telecommunications
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Today we live in a world where communications have evolved into a landscape a person from 1990 would scarcely recognize.