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Fish With “Human Teeth”? You Won’t Believe The Explanation

A fish with HUMAN teeth? This is what a fisherman in Russia claimed to have captured after reeling in a most peculiar sea animal. Aleks Korobov was fishing at Arkhangelsk Oblast district’s Northern Dvina River when he caught the creature. …

Oil Cleansing And Pulling: 20 Minute Mouth Remedy

When a friend replied to me recently, saying he was busy “oil pulling” and would get back to me, I really didn’t want to know what that meant. He told me anyway. Essentially, the idea is that you slosh around …

Soda Meth Study Reveals Bad News For Your Teeth
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Soda may be as damaging to your teeth as meth or crack in the long run, according to a recently released study. The study claims that the damage done by high soda consumption combined with a lack of proper dental …

Fluoride Mystery Is Closer To Being Solved
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The fluoride mystery has stumped scientists for almost 50 years. How exactly does it help stop tooth decay? Scientists may finally be onto an answer. A recent study suggests that the fluoride mystery is actually pretty simple – the mineral …

Dentist Removes Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth? Not Hardly
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Last week, yours truly penned a little article about a poor Polish chap who had all of his teeth surgically removed by his vengeful ex-girlfriend. The story proved to be quite popular, capturing the imagination of people all over the …

Trident Viral Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

We love to talk about the successes of online video. The viral nature of a good campaign can mean trident-gumsignificant impact to the bottom line of a company. Just ask Blendtec. Most are familiar with the “Will it Blend” video phenomenon that still has legs after almost 2 years.