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E3 2012: Dead Or Alive 5 Launches September 25

After the colossal disappointment that was Ninja Gaiden III, I only had Dead or Alive 5 to keep my hopes alive. Thankfully, the demo included with Ninja Gaiden III was an absolute joy to play. Tecmo Koei brought a new build of the game to E3 and have announced some news in regards to the game. First up, Dead or …

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Kickstarter Comes Through Again For Tecmo MMO

Are gamers becoming a bunch of caring individuals? Or is the desire to relive their childhood a driving force behind this project? The Tecmo MMO needed $7,500 to meet it’s goal on funding source Kickstarter. It was 2 days away from the deadline with only half the funding needed to succeed. After the developers asked Kotaku and Epic Games to …

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