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Android Made Up Three-Quarters Of All Smartphone Shipments Last Quarter

Google’s Android OS has grown a lot since its humble beginnings in 2008. Some may have thought that it couldn’t beat iOS, but its spread across multiple devices from multiple OEMs has insured its success. That success can be plainly seen in smartphone shipments during the third quarter. The latest report from IDC has found that Android was on three …

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Nokia Launches Low-Cost Lumia Phone

Today at Mobile World Congress, Nokia launched the Lumia 610, a low-end Windows phone, roughly a year after announcing that it would discontinue development of it’s proprietary operating system Symbian, in an attempt to boost sales. Still, the company also announced a new Symbian phone, that can shoot 38-megapixel pictures. The Lumia 610 uses a version of Windows Phone 7 …

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Android Smartphones & iPhone Gain Market Share, Everyone Else Loses

Android’s market share grew 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2011 to 47.3% of the smartphone market, according to data just released by comScore. In September Google’s operating system had 44.8% of the smartphone market. Smartphone users make up 40% of the overall mobile phone market. Apple also grew in market share during the last quarter, and by nearly as …

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