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Surfing Innovator Hobie Alter Passes Away At 80

The world of watersports lost a great man on Saturday. Hobart “Hobie” Alter, the man responsible for turning surfing and sailing into popular water activities passed away in his home in Palm Desert, California. He was 80 years old. Alter is best known for making a lightweight and high-performance sailboat, which he named “Hobie Cat”, as well as the mass …

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Gaviota Pier: Damaging Waves Rip into Popular Fishing Dock

A historic pier at Gaviota State Beach in Santa Barbara, Calif., collapsed Saturday morning due to damaging waves. Gaviota Beach is popular for camping, hiking, and surfing. However, one feature that attracts visiting tourists and local residents is the windy Gaviota Pier. Spanish soldiers who decided to call it “La Gaviota,” which means seagull, found the pier in 1769. The 529-foot …

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Bing Just Released This Video Of A Dog Surfing

Bing has been hanging out with the champion of the Loews Surf Dog competition in Imperial Beach, California. It’s part of this whole “Bing Summer of Doing” campaign the company has been promoting. Today, Microsoft’s search division uploaded the following video about it: In the video, host Damien Fahey says he wanted to find an amazing story about surfing, so …

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McNamara Breaks Surfing World Record

Extreme surfer Garret McNamara has just grabbed the Guinness World Record for the largest wave ever surfed, after riding a 78-foot swell near Nazare, Portugal last November. Here’s a clip of the surfing feat: Experts representing the annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards confirmed McNamara’s wave equated a world record on Friday, beating out previous world-record holder Mike Parson, …

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Garrett McNamara: I Have Underwater Superpowers

Garrett McNamara is a world record holder for surfing the biggest wave in the world. The wave, which stood a gigantic 90 feet, is a monster in itself, but Garrett feels he can break his old record. http://youtu.be/nd2jtwviyC8 Garrett has a special suit that allows him to breath underwater. On the suit lies a special pouch that can be filled …

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