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Blockbuster Closing All Retail Locations

Blockbuster was extremely popular in the 90’s on weekends for bringing popular movies home to watch. Timing was of utmost importance to snag the newest releases for movie night. Business did thrive for the company for many years, and expanded into shopping centers in suburbs and cities throughout the country. Blockbuster announced on Wednesday that it will be closing its …

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TVs Now More Used For Streaming Video Than Computers

Market research group the NPD Group this week released a report showing that Americans now view more streaming web content through their TVs than on their computer monitors. NPD’s “Digital Video Outlook” report shows that 45% of Americans now primarily stream their video through their TV, up from 33% one year ago. At the same time, Americans who used their …

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Samsung Acquires Cloud Media Provider mSpot

Samsung announced today that it is acquiring mSpot, a mobile cloud entertainment provider. The purchase will allow Samsung to provide mSpot’s Movies and Music services on their phone and tablet devices. It also fits with the trend Samsung set in its announcement of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. That phone will be packed with exclusive Samsung software …

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Streaming Movies Suck For New Releases

I’m not sure if the movie industry is purposely trying to collectively kill itself or if it thinks cutting out the middle man will increase home movie sales, but one thing’s pretty certain when it comes to the trend of watching movies via an Internet stream: this method of content delivery sucks when it comes to new releases. The funny …

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