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8-Year-Old Threatened With Expulsion For Drawings

The headmaster at Scottsdale Country Day School is not having it with your “highly disturbing” pictures, young man. Look, even if you’re drawing potential costumes you’ll be wearing for Halloween; it’s still not okay to display images of characters holding either a knife or gun –we’re not taking any risks here. (image) (image) (image) A couple in Scottdale, Arizona removed their 8-year-old …

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Shipwreck Hunters Find Mystery In The Baltic Sea: Twitter Buzz

The truth is out there, but it might be at the bottom of the ocean. Recently a group of shipwreck explorers were diving for just that reason, but they stumbled upon something perplexing. Some speculation say it could possibly be a UFO or Unidentified Flying Object. The team, while exploring greater than 80 meters down, came across some startling images. …

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