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Blizzard’s ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Previewed, Beta Sign-Ups Live

Blizzard Entertainment, one of the most popular video game publishers in the world, is holding its annual BlizzCon event this weekend. The publisher is known for making big announcements at the events, and this year is no exception. Blizzard has finally taken the wraps off its new MOBA game, previously codenamed Blizzard All-Stars. The title is now Heroes of the …

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Check Out StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm’s Launch Trailer

For the past several weeks, Blizzard has been showing all the new features that will make their way into the upcoming StarCraft II expansion – Heart of the Swarm. Now the game is almost upon us, and Blizzard has just one more message for its fans. It’s time to get hyped. Players can look forward to playing through Kerrigan’s, and …

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Blizzcon Returns To Anaheim On November 8

Blizzard fans were understandably distraught last year when the beloved developer announced that Blizzcon had been canceled for the year. Some feared that the annual show was done for good, but fortunately, that is not the case. Blizzard announced today that Blizzcon is coming back in 2013. The show invites Blizzard fans from around the world to the Anaheim convention …

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Blizzard Needs Players To Test StarCraft II Balance Tweaks

A highly competitive game like StarCraft II needs to be careful about how it changes the core of the game. There are definitely exploits that need to be fixed and balancing that needs to be implemented, but you do so at the risk of destroying the game for millions of players. Blizzard understands the risks they run so they have …

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DOTA: A History Of The Game [Infographic]

There’s no denying that Defense of the Ancients may be one of the most popular, if not the most popular, mods ever made. Most people equate the game with Warcraft III when the sub-genre known as MOBA blew up in the competitive PC gaming scene. Now everybody and their grandmother wants to make a DOTA-like game with League of Legends …

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BlizzCon 2012 Has Been Canceled

You might want to sit down for this news, especially if you’re a fan of Blizzard. BlizzCon 2012 has been canceled. Citing a jam-packed schedule on their blog, Blizzard has opted out of holding their annual convention of all things Blizzard this year. They will use the time to focus on all the products they have coming out this year …

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