Google Maps Enlists Robot Car

Google Maps Enlists Robot Car

By Doug Caverly May 21, 2007

Those who worry about Google’s impending world domination are probably going to be terrified, but for the rest of us, this is just neat: the search engine giant has made a deal that involves Stanley, the robot car that won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.

Morgan Stanley Co-President Steps Down

Morgan Stanley Co-President Stephen S. Crawford has stepped down from the company, and Co-President Zoe Cruz has been named Acting President.

Return of the Mack to Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Board of Directors has elected John Mack as the company’s Chairman of the Board and CEO to replace Philip Purcell who announced his retirement a couple of weeks ago.

Profits Fall As Morgan Stanley Looks for CEO

As Morgan Stanley tries to find a replacement for recently ousted CEO, Philip Purcell, the firm’s financial performance continues to suffer. It reported its biggest quarterly profit decrease in about four years.

Morgan Stanley’s Performance Worsens

Morgan Stanley, who is currently searching for a replacement for recently ousted CEO Philip Purcell, reported its biggest decrease in quarterly profits in nearly four years.

Morgan Stanley CEO Steps Down

Morgan Stanley CEO Philip Purcell sent a letter sent around to employees of the company announcing his plans to retire. Lately he has faced a lot of criticism.

Morgan Stanley’s Purcell To Retire

Chairman and CEO Philip Purcell announces his planned retirement in a letter to employees.

Purcell Leaving Morgan Stanley

After much criticism from shareholders, Morgan Stanley CEO Philip Purcell has announced that he plans to retire in a letter sent to employees of the company.

Morgan Stanley Ordered To Pay $1.4 Billion, Confident About Appeal

Yesterday, Morgan Stanley was ordered by a Florida jury to pay investor Ron Perelman an additional $850 million bringing the total to $1.4 billion in damages.

Morgan Stanley Gets Hammered For $1.4 Billion

Morgan Stanley was ordered today by a Florida court to pay an additional $850 million to billionaire investor Ron Perelman. This brings the total to $1.4 billion in damages.

Morgan Stanley To Pay $604 Million In Lawsuit

Morgan Stanley was ordered to pay investor Ron Perelman $604 million, and said it is now reassessing the amount of funds it has set aside for this expense.

Purcell’s Opposition Urges Spin Off

The group of Morgan Stanley shareholders that wants CEO Philip Purcell gone, is now urging the company to spin off its institutional securities business.

Morgan Stanley Board Backs Purcell

Morgan Stanley’s board of directors reaffirmed its support for CEO Phillip Purcell to the dismay of investors.

Former Morgan Stanley Execs Looking for Backup

Former executives of Morgan Stanley wrote a letter to employees looking for a way for them to speak out without intimidation from CEO Philip Purcell.

Morgan Stanley Shares Up On Talk of a Discover Sale

Morgan Stanley shares have gone up since its board of directors has approved the sale of its Discover credit card business.

Newhouse Leaves Morgan Stanley

Stephen Newhouse after being replaced as president of Morgan Stanley, has decided to resign from the company.

Morgan Stanley Posts Results

Morgan Stanley reported net income of $1,468 million for the quarter ended February 28, 2005, up 20% from the first quarter of 2004 and 22% from the fourth quarter of 2004.