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Advertisers’ Proposal Gets Rejected In Latest Do Not Track Negotiations Advertisers’ Proposal Gets Rejected In Latest Do Not Track Negotiations
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Earlier this year, the Do Not Track debate ran into a snag as the advertising groups and privacy proponents couldn’t even agree to disagree on a Do Not Track standard. This led to fears that the talks may just fall …

IAB Releases Video Ad Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced Video Player-Ad Interface Definition Guidelines in an effort to simplify the buying and selling of digital video media. The guidelines outline methods of communication between video players and video ads while providing specs for planning, production, and implementation of video advertising.

Google Gets Involved with Potential 3D Graphics Standard

Tech companies are getting together to crate an open, royalty-free standard for presenting accelerated 3-D graphics online. Included in the consortium are Google, Adobe, Intel, Apple, and others.

Microsoft Embraces Standards For IE8
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Fear of possible “legal and regulatory” issues likely motivated Microsoft to enable three rendering modes for the next version of the Internet Explorer browser.

Office Open XML Booed By Google
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We haven’t yet reached the point at which somebody rhymes OOXML with "hell" and starts chanting.  Yet Google’s far from happy with Microsoft’s submission of Office Open XML as an international standard, and has publicly said as much on its corporate blog.