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Tara Reid Majorly Dissed by Elizabeth Banks

Tara Reid was dissed in a big way by Pitch Perfect 2 director Elizabeth Banks during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week. And while it wasn’t the nicest thing for the Hunger Games star to say–she did so without missing a beat. Banks was talking about catching her big break, back in her early days of …

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Tara Reid And The Hulk Get A Lesson From Comic Icon Stan Lee

Tara Reid has been acting for over two decades, but sometimes even the most seasoned vet can learn a thing or two from someone who’s been in the business even longer than they have. That’s exactly what Reid, Kevin Smith, and Michael Rooker did in a new Audi ad when they signed up to take “cameo lessons” from comic legend …

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Stan Lee Revealed As A Playable Character In New Spiderman Game

Stan Lee is Marvel, Marvel is Stan Lee. So it makes perfect sense that he has a cameo in nearly every single thing that Marvel makes right? But up until now he has never been a playable character in a video game. This new Spiderman game bucks that trend. Stan Lee is the creator of many characters in comics history. …

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