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For First Time, U.N. Study Highlights Pacific-Asian Rape Culture

A multi-country survey recently conducted by the U.N. of Asian countries near the South Pacific sheds a terrifying light onto rape culture as it exists in nations far less fascinating to the media than India. The abstract is here, and …

Sri Lanka Independence Day Celebrated With Google Doodle Sri Lanka Independence Day Celebrated With Google Doodle
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Google is showing a doodle on its home page in Sri Lanka, honoring Sri Lanka Independence Day: On February 4th each year, the island country commemorates its independence from Britain, which became official on this day in 1948. Citizens celebrate …

Sri Lankan Man Dies After Burying Himself Alive, Earns Darwin Award Nomination on Twitter
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Twenty-four year old Sri Lankan man, Janka Basnayake, perished on Saturday after trying to set a record for the longest time that anyone has been buried alive. Basnayake’s final attempt may have been up to 6 1/2 hours; he was …