Lily Collins Named “Most Dangerous” Cyber Celebrity

Lily Collins Named “Most Dangerous” Cyber Celebrity

By Brian Powell September 19, 2013

Lily Collins, daughter of 80’s pop-rock artist Phil Collins and star of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, found herself at the top of a list no celebrity would seemingly want to be part of (unless they are just really …

Zango Ignoring FTC Requirements

Sneaky pop-up ad company Zango settled with the Federal Trade Commission last November, paying $3 million in penalties and agreeing to stop duping users into downloading adware. But it appears the company is still up to its old tricks.

House Passes Weak Spyware Bill

The I-SPY legislation that made it through the House of Representatives lacks consent provisions that could help protect consumers.

House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
OpenDNS Accuses Dell, Google Of Spyware

The deal between Dell and Google that places Google’s toolbar on new Dell PCs has OpenDNS founder and CEO David Ulevitch questioning their practices.

Spyware Cheating Affiliate Merchants

Researcher Ben Edelman cited a half-dozen examples of affiliate merchants being cheated by spyware, particularly by claiming commissions on organic traffic coming to those merchants.

Spyware Pops Drove Video Traffic

Several video-oriented websites received illicit boosts in their traffic from third-party ad popups that occurred on people’s PCs. Those machines had been infected by spyware, which powered those popups.

Yahoo Sued for Alleged Spyware Ties

If you think spyware advertising is brought to you by the fly-by-night universities and homeless real estate agencies that are featured in such programs, a class-action lawsuit before the U.S. District Court of New Jersey may change your mind.

Man Says Dell Charges To Remove Own Spyware

You may have heard of the Dell Computers spyware allegations involving My Way Search Assistant. But a story is making the rounds (posted on a blog from last July) that Dell charged a customer $49 to remove the unwanted program from his computer.

Yahoo Implicated In Spyware Click Fraud

Advertisers who expect their Overture ad campaigns to run with certain Yahoo Searches may be surprised to find their ads running in syndicated spyware applications that render each impression as an ad click the advertiser must pay.

Viruses & Spyware Don’t Taste Like Cookies
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When I first started working with computers a little over ten years ago I had never heard about viruses.

Review: Automating Security Patches and Spyware Management

You may have heard of a company called Shavlik. They were recently named as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.

FTC Busts BlogSpot Spyware Ring
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The Federal Trade Commission has shut down three companies that tricked bloggers into placing code on their sites that delivered spyware to user machines.

FTC Ending Odysseus Spyware Journey

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against a company whose product redirected Google and Yahoo searches.

AOL Taps CA For Spyware Protection

New anti-spyware tools will help protect members of AOL from a whole variety of malware online.

Jeeves Asks For Spyware Delisting

MySearch Bar and other plugins by Ask Jeeves can arrive from third parties on a computer system without asking for permission first.

Ask Jeeves Getting Flagged As Spyware
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Search engine Ask Jeeves appears to be having a world of problems with some of its software. Apparently, a number of anti-spyware firms have flagged Jeeves for some of the downloading techniques and distribution channels it chooses for its toolbars and other software.

Spyware Sites Quadruple In 2005

Lots more web sites have cropped up, for the sole purpose of hosting spyware and infecting computers.