Basic Keyword Strategy & Tips

Basic Keyword Strategy & Tips

By Aaron Wall November 1, 2007

Keyword Research Tips

Google Spreading Out A Spreadsheet

June 6th will see the limited beta preview of Google’s online spreadsheet program made available from the company’s Google Labs development section.

Exaggerated Reports of Office’s Death

From all quarters you can hear the pronouncements of the death of Microsoft Office.

Spreadsheet Errors Add Up To Billions

Lack of formal change management and poor use of security features could be costing businesses up to $10 billion USD per year.

Comparing Search Engine Results – My Experiment

A couple months back I was covering the launch of a new shopping search engine. As part of my event coverage I was allowed to be part of the beta group, prior to the launch only a handful of people [mostly employees and family members of employees] were able to take part in the Become beta test.

Replacing a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets can be powerful tools, and particularly so in the hands of an expert user. A spreadsheet can be used to reorganize data and to extract information not otherwise available. For example, at a client site, an application report generates a listing of hourly billing, but can’t give the cross-reference totals desired.

Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention, Part 2

Measuring Potential Value with LifeCycle Metrics

This whole potential value measurement issue is, of course, the big problem embedded in the preaching you hear on LifeTime Value, CRM, and these portfolio models of customer value. How do you deal with this whole “potential value” question, how do you actually measure it and act on it?

Measuring & Managing Visitor / Customer Retention

You have probably heard or read references to the “portfolio” approach to managing customers and their value.

Which keywords should you optimize your site for?

In this article, we focus on the correct way of finding out the keywords for which you should optimize your site for the search engines. This article will give you the formula for the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) – a mathematical formula which I have developed to help you determine which keywords you should be optimizing your site for.

Traffic Analysis – Commission Thieves

Question: Jim,

I caught your article on Traffic Analysis but was unable to unearth methods of avoiding commission stealing.

Will a simple PHP redirect do the trick? I expect that the offending code changes the affiliate code in the downloaded HTML; doing a redirect off of a server would eliminate that problem if that is the case. Is this the silver bullet?

Jim Novo Answers Traffic, Visitor, and Customer Analysis Questions
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You probably get gobs of reports on web site traffic but don’t really do much with them other than track page views and visitors. Increasing your traffic using ads, search optimization, and pay-per-click won’t do you much good if visitors don’t do something once they get to your web site.

Turn a JTable into a Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is part of our everyday lives. Most of us have used one to help us calculate and present data quickly and efficiently. The JTable component, which is available in the Swing package, has itself become popular among Java developers, and you might have already imagined using a JTable as a spreadsheet for your application.