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Google Should Now Be Much Better At Handling Misspellings Google Should Now Be Much Better At Handling Misspellings
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Late on Friday, Google unveiled its monthly list of algorithm changes, for the month of April. As usual, there is plenty to take in, with over 50 changes. Here are some observations we’ve made so far: Google Algorithm Changes For …

Facebook Woops: Giuliani’s Girl Goes For Barack
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If you’re running for the highest office in the land, it’s probably a good idea to check to see what your daughter’s doing, if she’s going to vote for you, and if not, will she be quiet about it? Wouldn’t you double check her social network profiles?

Yahoo Users Spell Better?

Statistically speaking, it’s likely that you (whoever you are) use Google for most of your searches.  That’s fine – and I’m right there with you – but new information suggests that people who use Yahoo are better spellers.  Wo is us!

Yahoo Shuttering Photos
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One of Brad Garlinghouse’s ‘Peanut Butter Manifesto’ consolidation wishes is coming true, in a way, as Yahoo will be closing down its Photos service in favor of Flickr.

Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

Google Responds To AdWords Scam Kerfuffle
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The practice of establishing AdWords accounts for the purpose of passing clicks through a third-party malware distributor has drawn a blame-the-user response from Google.

SEO for Misspelled Words

Optimizing a website for misspelled words is often recommended by many people within the search engine optimization SEO community.

Search, Spelling and the Long Tail

A post at passing notes, threadlinked above, brings up the somewhat famous, and apparently, quite mythical Cambridge University study that showed, that provided the first and last letters of a word were correct, people can read it just fine.

MSN Search Improving Spelling Correction System

The MSN Search team is focused on improving the system its search engine uses to correct spelling mistakes of searchers.

Damashi Peer Review – Careful With That Spelling!

I had a look at the Damashi site and, to tell the truth, I found it tacky, uninviting, and less than informative about what is actually on the site. Even a banner saying ‘Book of the Month’ above the tome shown on the home page would give a clue that more treasures lie within.