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Idris Elba: Speed Loving Actor Breaks ‘Flying Mile’ Record In Bentley

Idris Elba has long been known for his need for speed, and now the British actor can add another feather to his racing cap with his new “flying mile” speed record. The Thor actor smashed the 88-year-old record that was …

Mozilla Makes Firefox 13 Super Speedy Mozilla Makes Firefox 13 Super Speedy
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Firefox 13 is going to be pretty grand. I’ve been using the beta for a while now and it’s faster than the few previous versions that we’ve seen. What makes Firefox 13 the speediest release of the browser to date? …

Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests. Want A Faster Website? Reduce Requests.
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If your website consistently loads in under two seconds, congratulations!  It is in the small minority of sites able to meet the new threshold for patience among Internet users. But if yours is like the vast majority of websites that …

Comcast Offering 105Mbps Broadband To Major Markets Comcast Offering 105Mbps Broadband To Major Markets
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Today, over 40 million homes which have Comcast internet service will be able to sign up for Extreme 105. This is the Comcast offering which will provide users a 105Mbps download speed and a 10Mbps upload speed. The service has …

Firefox 4 Official Release – Was It Worth The Wait?
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While Firefox 4 could be obtained yesterday, today marks the official release of the Firefox 4 (RC) download. For those who are keen towards browser advancements, these past couple of weeks must feel like heaven. We’ve taken a couple of …

The Latest in Google’s Effort to Make the Web Faster
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YouTube has just launched a "Speed Dashboard", which makes speed information about videos available to users. YouTube’s Chris Dale tells us it "offers granular insight into what your YouTube video speed looks like."

"We think it’s pretty cool and all part of our goal to make the web a faster place," he adds.

Google: Page Speed May Become a Ranking Factor in 2010
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Over the course of 2009, a consistent theme that Google has been involved with is that of speed. In announcement after announcement, Google has talked about the importance of speed on the web, and how the company wants to do everything it can to make the web a faster place. Has it occurred to you that how fast your page loads may have a direct effect on how your site ranks in Google?

Google Stresses Speed Yet Again with New Tool

Google has launched a new extension for its Chrome browser, which lets developers identify performance problems with their web apps. This may be an increasingly important issue if Google starts counting speed as a ranking factor in search results.

Google Tracks User Data to Monitor Load Times
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Google has a post up talking about how the company uses data it collects from Google Toolbar users, specifically in relation to its enhanced features. These features are opt-in.