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Beats Headphones Will Launch Streaming Music and New Ads in January Beats Headphones Will Launch Streaming Music and New Ads in January
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The start of a new year is looking pretty bright for the business model of Beats headphones by Dr. Dre, including new music and more innovative ads. For starters, in January, Beats Electronics will launch Beats Music, a new service …

Wireless Speakers Become A Hot Holiday Item

Looking for the perfect gift for the electronics fan on your Christmas list this year? Wireless speakers are the way to go. Wireless speakers can be used with a variety of devices including tablets, mp3 players, smartphones and computers. If …

Pitching Speakers for a Conference or Event
I’ve been helping program the search marketing sessions for MediaPost’s upcoming OMMA event in September, and the first stage of it is reviewing dozens of conference pitches. Overall, it’s a promising bunch of proposals, and my biggest regret is that there are only six sessions I’m responsible for; I could easily have picked ten great ones, and I’ll still try to pawn some of the rejected panels to other programming chairs if they can be adapted.

Bloggers as Speakers: Talking Business

Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills. There is no better way to develop a national and international reputation as an expert than sharing your knowledge through the various print and broadcast media.

Web-to-TV: A Star Is Born Every Second

It won’t be long until, if you so choose, that you can be a TV star, even if your show only shows up on a handful of sets. The technology is already in place to stream user-generated content onto the television screen, and scores of visionaries are working to make that a broader reality.

Syndicate Speakers Handle Dialog Truth

Syndicāte Conference chairperson and Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls opened Syndicāte with a brief history of blogging’s Genesis before bringing HP Enterprise Brand Communications director Scott Anderson on stage for the keynote address, where he stressed the importance of dialog.

Bloggers: Speakers As Well As Writers

Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills….

What Bloggers Can Learn from Speakers

Blogging is not something completely new. It is just a new tool, as I have pointed out several times.

Harvard Law Event Takes a Hard Look at Web’s Influence on Politics

Harvard Law’s Beekman Center is taking a hard look this week at the blogosphere’s influence on politics during its biennial Internet + Society 2004 conference.

Why should writers, coaches and speakers subscribe to Opt-In Ezines?”

Opt-in ezines, produced by companies, individuals, web sites or publishers, offer their subscribers unique, useful information. They use the “free” article format of 500-1400 words or a tip format from 100-400 words. Each ezine has anywhere from 1000 to many thousand subscribers per ezine. Think of the multiple exposure your message will have when you submit to these ezines.

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