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Smartphones May Be Diagnosing You In The Future Via New Touchscreen Technology

You can do a lot with your smartphones. You can get directions, pay your bills, watch movies, play games, browse through dinner recipes. It’s an endless list that everybody could probably contribute to. In other words: you get it. But one thing your phone may be capable of doing in the future is diagnosing your illnesses. No, I’m not talking …

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Google Raided By Korean Fair Trade Commission

Google sure has its work cut out for itself in terms of regulatory defense these days. The latest is that the company’s offices in South Korea have been raided by that country’s version of the FTC – The Korean Fair Trade Commission. According to Jay Greene at CNET, who first reported on the raids, regulators are looking int o Google’s …

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Google Hit By Antitrust Complaints In South Korea

Google’s antitrust lawyers – who were probably already working overtime to deal with threats in the U.S. and Europe – may soon need to brush up on South Korean law, as well.  Two large Korean Internet companies have filed a complaint with the country’s Fair Trade Commission. Miyoung Kim reported earlier today, “In their joint complaint . . . NHN …

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South Korean Police Find Google Violated Privacy Laws

Five months ago, local police officers raided Google’s offices in South Korea, and what they found may cause quite a lot of trouble for the company.  A police report’s indicated that Google illegally collected private data with its Street View cars, and criminal charges could result.

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South Korean Regulators Go After Facebook

A person might imagine that South Korean authorities would have better things to worry about right now, what with North Korea on the (maybe literal) warpath.  Nonetheless, the Korea Communications Commission has found the time to declare Facebook in violation of data privacy laws.

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Yahoo To Lose Major Ad Deal In South Korea

Today is not getting off to a good start for Yahoo.  NHN – which owns both the South Korean equivalent of Google and the country’s largest gaming portal – has decided to stop using the American company’s advertising tech, and its chief didn’t exactly have nice things to say when parting ways.

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