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Google Tone Lets You Share Links with Sound

Google’s latest Chrome experiment is equal parts cool, possibly annoying, fun, first-world problem solving, and pointless. Ok, maybe not equal parts. It’s probably a combination of fun and annoying – depending on who’s using it. If you’ve ever wanted to send links to your co-workers with sound, now is your chance. Say hello to Tone: “As digital devices have multiplied, …

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Grammy-Winning Audio Engineer Andrew Scheps Talks Streaming Media Audio Quality At Google

Google has uploaded a presentation from Andrew Scheps, a Grammy-winning engineer, who has worked with Metallica, U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Adele, to name a few. He discusses and demonstrates audio quality in streaming media. The presentation is part of the “At Google Talks” series. “Lost In Translation with Andrew Scheps provides an engaging, revelatory and humorous presentation …

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Here’s Apple’s EarPods Promo Video

Apple revealed the iPhone 5 yesterday, but they also debuted a handful of other products: among them, the new “EarPods,” which come with the device. “Just like fingerprints, ears are unique parts of the body,” says Apple. “Which means earbud headphones fit differently on everyone. So rather than use the speaker as the starting point for new headphones, Apple designers …

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