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Sansa Stark To Become Young Jean Grey In New “X-Men”

Sansa Stark, also known as Sophie Turner, is one of the latest crop of actors given parts in X-Men: Apocalypse. Sophie Turner is an amazing actress that will definitely bring some of that Sansa Stark magic to the big screen. The two roles already have a few things in common. Both have some brooding inner darkness. Also, Jean Grey and …

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Benedict Cumberbatch Marrying Sophie Hunter, Not ‘Game of Thrones’ Star

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged, but there seems to be a bit of confusion about his fiancee. You see, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was identified online as the future Mrs. Cumberbatch, but that definitely isn’t the case. Turner received a wealth of congratulatory messages via social media when word of her marrying Benedict Cumberbatch emerged. How must Sophie Hunter–his …

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Sansa Stark Blows Up Twitter After Sunday’s “Game Of Thrones”

Sansa Stark is one of only a handful characters on Game Of Thrones that fans find themselves actively rooting for. After starting the series as a lovely young girl who had big dreams of finding a handsome prince to marry, she has evolved into a jaded young woman who is all too familiar with the horrors of real life, and …

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