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New Study: College Hookup Culture is Bogus

Counterculture movements, typically with origins among the youth, are often accompanied by a great deal of fearmongering and anxiety on the part of worried parents and overreacting family values specialists. In the late 1960’s, reactions to the “summer of love” caused a backlash against the idea of unclean promiscuity, and it seems modern college culture is suffering the same fate. …

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Having Sexy Facebook Friends Boosts Your Popularity

This just in from the Weather Desk: new study shows that the key to being popular on Facebook is to collect attractive friends! Two researchers in the Netherlands conducted a study with 78 Facebook-using students to seek the answer to the question that keeps all of us up at night: what will happen if I don’t have enough sexy Facebook …

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Your Facebook Friends Have More Friends Than You

Pew has completed yet another study on the every-interesting creature that is Facebook and guess what – you’re a selfish Facebook user. Well, that’s not patently true, but the study did find that the average Facebook user “gets more from their friends than they give to their friends.” Wait, wouldn’t the interaction between people on Facebook be reciprocal? How does …

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