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Peter Moylneux’s Cube-Tapping App Launches Today

Peter Moylneux’s 22Cans game studio today released a mobile game that can be considered more social experiment than game. Curiosity is a game about tapping a giant cube. The tapping serves to chip away at the cube and reveal the …

Gary Glitter Is Not On Twitter Gary Glitter Is Not On Twitter
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Gary Glitter is not back and probably won’t be any time soon. Last week, eyebrows were raised at the return of infamous glam rocker Gary Glitter. He used the twitter handle #OfficialGlitter to announce a comeback tour and autobiography. It …

Free Coffee? Try This Social Experiment Free Coffee? Try This Social Experiment
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Give a penny, take a penny – that’s the concept behind Jonathan Stark’s new “experiment in social sharing.” He has put a picture of his Starbucks card online so that anyone in the world can use his account to purchase …

Getting Olympic Content On Your Blog
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I just landed in Beijing and will be spending the next two weeks here as part of the promotional efforts for what I have previously called my dream project, helping Lenovo to promote its Voices of the Summer Games site that features 100 Olympic athletes blogging their journies to Beijing and experiences at the Olympics.